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    Pft machine for hire or to buy?

    Sam inox me your number I may be able to help depending on timings
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    Pft machine for hire or to buy?

    What's the job and product and when?
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    Wanted g4

    Will give you a call tomorrow.
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    Wanted g4

    Cheers Ian, I was hoping to find something a little newer with less miles under its belt. Well I'm hopefull anyway ha.
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    Renderers needed

    Looking for new experienced lads to join our existing team. Working mainly in and around West Yorkshire. If interested inbox me guys
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    Wanted g4

    Hi guys looking for another G4 and gennie if anyone knows of any.
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    Parex EHI through a Diesel Machine

    1 pass did the trick.
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    Using acrylic through a Ritmo

    Rigsby give me a call I have the jet set gun compressor remote cable etc if you want to have a okay with it.
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    Parex EHI through a Diesel Machine

    We put 120m on one hit with a ritmol l sprayed a dream.
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    I would use hpx or printer or maite, I don't think hp12 is modified enough to go on so thin. You may get cracking.
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    Render Staining / Algae build up

    I see everyone is focusing on the product yes in certain circumstances things will happen with all textured coatings but this doesn't allow for bad construction detail. Why are you getting blamed for the render so called failing when the roof or soffit detail is apperently wrong? Was this done...
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    parex parmurex

    It's a good product all round even hand balling. It's a bit more modified than ocr tho so prefer it.
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    Job call in leeds!!!

    Tried to send you a message pal but won't let me send. Can you send me yours
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    Job call in leeds!!!

    Are you interested in full time rendering?
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    Parex spec

    Over brick I would always use micro, parmurex gives you chance to plumber things out its a good base if pits price dependent maite although it's dearer per bag there is more to the m2 than parmurex. If you use maite order the right colour so you can eliminate the 310 primer although you need to...
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    Coloured lime render

    Parlumiere fin by Parex is a fine lime render in 48 colours and can be sponge finished although I haven't sponged it.
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    Pebbledash - cover or remove

    Just seen this thread, cheers rigsby your right we are only 5 mile down the road. Either myself or rendermeister can have a look at it for you and advise the best way forward. If you want to pm me your details I'll give you a call.
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    sprey times

    We have sprayed it a few time as putz a nightmare to spread by hand. Don't work it too much and close it in quickly or the nightmare begins. I would also make sure the maite is dry enough first and no moisture there or it will start running down the wall.
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    eps hot wire

    This is the same old story of plasterers being tight as fook! Lol I'm with rigsby, these things can't help and for me it's about investing in yourself, your trade and being taken seriously. Most of the machines out there used correctly will save you time. Therefore more time spent doing work...
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    looking at machines

    Alreet pal he's the man to answer this. I would suggest you spend some time with guys spaying internally before you get too involved with it internally unless you have shed loads to do and lads that can look after it.
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    sprey times

    What gun/machine did you use?
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    Renderers required

    I have seen stuff about this joke and if he's trying to imply I'm the same then he couldn't be further from truth.
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    Renderers required

    Fatarm you need to get your info straight. It's nothing to do with him.
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    Renderers required

    We are mate, can you pm me your details and I'll give you a call. Cheers
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    Carpenter looking for coloured render advice for own new build

    If your unsure contact Parex, Krend and Webber direct and ask to speak to a rep in your area. They will know the better lads out there that can do the job to the right standard. I would say machine applied with the right team is the way to go. I would also rate them in that order. Less issues...
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    damp and old render

    Are the walls a single skin or is their a cavity?
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    Renderers required

    The real problem is that any of the modern nvq's and qualifications only say you know the basics and a capable to a level. Sadly this is no measure of quality and expertise. These cards may only get them on site but it won't keep them in a job. therefore hardly there fault as they are supposed...
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    Renderers required

    Guys if you want to have a rant can you create your own thread, this was a legitimate ask for genuine spreads. Clearly I was wrong in putting it out here thinking If any of the lads were looking for some additional work over the next few months then I could help them out! If you don't like...
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    Twitter Accounts

    @SprayRender Twitter is good business to business, a good way to make new contacts in your area. Also other spreads wanting a lift on jobs etc. you have to invest a little time but well with it!
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    Renderers required

    I might add this isn't Ewi etc,nothing against Ewi as we have done plenty. We are either the main contractor or we are direct to the main contractors and mainly new builds.
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    Renderers required

    We have some decent work starting in west and South Yorkshire and need to expand our team. We have a couple of machines so experience would be a benefit as would a good knowledge of modern render system. Cheers guys
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    Looking for spreads in west and east yorkshire

    We are in Local, have a couple of machines to spray most things. Any details?
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    Spraying Blanc du litteral

    We use shed loads of BL10 and never have a problem. Doesn't need much water tho. Let it pick up before you Darby but have to watch it because it can turn on you and it starts dragging. We don't use retarder but we have used Axel 3000 to speed up the initial set on colder days to keep same day...
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    I'm here!

    I bet he's only 4"3" with arms like a t-Rex ;-)
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    external rendering of an outdoor bbq/fireplace

    It's pretty irelavant if there isn't a DPC. Whatever you think looks best
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    I'm here!

    Obviously a 3 day G** boy! Haha
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    scratch up the next day

    OCR....monocouche??? Hmmmm
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    parex monocuche

    Parex is generally recognised as a better render. You' ll have more working time with it and it will take longer to go off. It can go direct on to new block but like any render you have to consider different rates of suction from concrete heads, common bricks and different block. If 7n...
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    monocouche Render or simalier on nudura blocks

    Parex warrant a system. I be done a few make sure you light sand the whole surface to remove any film first. Maite then dash, EHI or acrylic. Plenty of options
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    looking for a g4 or putz s44...any out there for sale?

    im looking to add a stronger machine to go along with the ritmo we have. would prefer either a g4 or a putz s44 or may even consider a diesel pump. if you have any of the above thenim interested in chatting....oh guy im no tyre kicker testing the water. cheers
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    What sealer to monocouche Render

    What system did you have it rendered in?
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    Paraguard (parex)

    One coat normal areas 2 coats coastal or anti graffiti. 80 -100m2 per tub. This has around 30% silicone content other tend to be around 10%. We use a fair bit and it's good gear.
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    Micro, plastprime x and the like.

    Alreet rigsby. It's my understanding that there's a bit more to the bagged renders than meets the eye. There's binders, adhesives, etc plus the usual sand cement lime. It's these binders and such that take hold of micro and the likes. Or at least that's what I'm told by a boffin. All I know is...
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    EWI Sites

    Where you based pal?
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    K-rend base over cement boards

    What make or type of carrier board is it?
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    If unsure give Parex call and ask for your area manager he will have some recommended applicators to price it. They can also spec the system. It's tough to advise further without seeing the job physically.
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    Parex monerex gm sponge finish

    I have done a couple, not big by any means but used a tilers washboy to keep sponge float clean and as dry as possible. Timing is everything. Although I do prefer to switch them to a GF finish.
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    parex finished depth

    Beads should always be bedded and never nailed. Parex now state in there spec 15mm beads when it used to say 10/15 proprietary beads. All good lads I know bed 10mm to get 15 overall and it gives you a chance to get your beads straighter. Parex is finished at 15mm that's how it's designed to work.
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    What Dries the quickest

    As per owls or a touch of hurry up juice can sort a small job out but always best left to do what it needs to.