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  1. murplastering

    Meshing a winder staircase - prone to cracking?

    check out my avatar that was job and a half
  2. murplastering

    Over polished Multi Finish

    trowel just enough to get the diamonds
  3. murplastering

    expansion beads

    I would just to break it
  4. murplastering

    plastering conservatory internal roof

    id skim it in one roll it and get the money and it would look shite hot, incidentally if it was too big to skim in one on my own there would be two of us
  5. murplastering


    Should of read conservatory
  6. murplastering


    Got them in my phone trying to get them to my computer l could of skimmed that connects ceiling 3 times while I've been fooking around
  7. murplastering


    how do you get them on here in a post
  8. murplastering

    plastering conservatory internal roof

    did one about 2 months ago rolled the top and 4 hips (if that makes sense ) it was on one of these polycarbonate roof conversions where they tri iso the roof and counter batten id stick a picture on if I new how
  9. murplastering

    K rend

    knocked it off and did the job again had a squabble about money because of colour shade spoke to k rend tec and they said gie it time told him to leave till after winter and let it dry properly and we would look at it again.
  10. murplastering

    Dry lining or re -plastering damp solid walls in 1930s house?

    delta pt then dab your prefered board or float but sort outside aswell
  11. murplastering

    New Build - Dry Lining - Chester Area - 800m2

    if you want a serious price and you know what you want ie speck dates etc im from mcr pm me. im not interested in mtr prices just a straight up price for the job.
  12. murplastering

    New Build - Dry Lining - Chester Area - 800m2

    Weirdest thread I've read on here and I've been here since 2007. Sur Bonkers post wtf
  13. murplastering

    Anyone's kids into plastering?

    my eldest works with me in 3rd year got his diploma nvq2 etc but the winging is killing me ffs
  14. murplastering

    Dot n dab insulated plaster board

    speck for this used to be 2 fixings 200mm down and 50mm in for fire has it changed
  15. murplastering

    K rend

    Not sure what you mean keith we are going to remove the render weve got the base already so were going to do it all again.
  16. murplastering

    K rend

    Weve got a k rend base coat but cant remember the name lm going back sunday as it pissed down today plan is to grind back re base and do it again. I wish some foooker would work out how to patch this shite as the panal is massive. thanks for your imput l was hoping for a quick fix but no ones...
  17. murplastering

    K rend

    One of thr lads got a bit over eager on the scratcher and ****** a panal up customer wants it redoing lm going to grind the top coat back with a refina rotary scabler and re render l was going to throw it straight on after grinding back any tips. The job was renderd thurs a scratched fri cheers
  18. murplastering

    Limelite finishing plaster.

    don't put any multi near this product
  19. murplastering

    thistle dri coat

    good gear can be topped with multi but next to no suction when dry so finishing is a waiting game leave over night to skim £14 ish
  20. murplastering

    Lime lite & multi finish

    No no no no no no
  21. murplastering

    2 coat,,0r 1 coat work..plaster????

    who dug this thread up ffs
  22. murplastering

    2 coat,,0r 1 coat work..plaster????

    I now one coat all board work
  23. murplastering

    Cracking season??

    wrong thread thought this was about man utd
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    You've got to see these toolboxes

    just need a box to stick my dick in and im happy
  25. murplastering

    Thirty years

    is it still a laugh
  26. murplastering

    small patch ,with damp

    generally shaag them
  27. murplastering

    What do we listen to while working?

    must admit that i could sometimes do a van gough when jeramy vine is on but its a station i can get everywhere so fook it radio 2 it is
  28. murplastering

    What do we listen to while working?

    radio2 is welded on and anyone who foooks with the nob gets sacked
  29. murplastering

    Who amongst us would want their Son to be a Plasterer?

    took my lad on as an apprentice in aug seams to be doing ok at college and with me didn't really want him to plaster but nothing else available and Id made him the offer last year so he could mull it over. Ive told him to learn this and qualify to nvq 2 then if its for him go for nvq 3 if not...
  30. murplastering

    1 coat skimm WHY

    whats 2 coat
  31. murplastering

    losing work to 1 coat skimmers ??

    stick enough on to get paid and move on
  32. murplastering

    Plop eye the plaster man

    a e straight away when you tell them what youve done your on a bed having about a gallon of sterile water blasted at your mincer then yellow dye then cloraphenicol (fook knows how you spell that) get glasses so you can point at them when it happens and say wish id had them on.
  33. murplastering

    Using the forum just to find work.

    stick an approved list of contractors / forum members on here for the general public to phone /contact make it regional obviously but if you go on the list youll be open to good and bad feedback. personally i dont see the place being inundated with work so dont really know why this thread has...
  34. murplastering

    Ex boss

    hes trying to protect his buisness thats all your obviously on the same patch and he sees you as a threat Id leave his contacts and make your own and let some water go under the bridge as was said earlier bbasterd is tomorows good contact
  35. murplastering

    Hardwall with a whisk or bath n shovel?

    anyone remember when browning bags used to be massive! and the older I get the bigger they were.
  36. murplastering

    Wallcrete open Day Manchester way

    elite crete in stockport were trying to push this last year
  37. murplastering

    New Oldie

    well im circa 1963 so im sure youll fit in, not sure if I do though
  38. murplastering

    Lath and plaster ceiling advice

    overboard the flat to the start of the curve then strip out the tight part of the curve with 3 inch strips then cover the remaining ceiling with required sized board skrim and skim this is for a ceiling roof spars form part of ceiling construction ie 1930s semi bedroom ceiling also i used to cut...
  39. murplastering

    Waterproofer in scratch or float coat(external)

    anyone reading this must be seriously impressed
  40. murplastering

    Waterproofer in scratch or float coat(external)

    will someone please tell me how paint gets along with waterproofer in top coat Im slightly miffed
  41. murplastering

    Waterproofer in scratch or float coat(external)

    if you put waterproofer in your top coat how does behave if you terraleon
  42. murplastering

    Waterproofer in scratch or float coat(external)

    waterproofer just in scratch coat, never heard of anyone putting waterproofer in top coat untill I read this.
  43. murplastering


    Im interested and in stockport pm me cheers