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    its true, dominos stopped plastering!

    How s the stilt s mate
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    spray finish

    Id go for a big trowel and a steel one at that . Are they putting glue on there scrim as well now!
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    F a o Holly bank

    Mate pm me your mobile mines not working
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    plastering joke

    Mate my pm is not working I've emailed Danny and left him my number to pass on to you
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    plastering joke

    Yours mate if you ain't got pm
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    plastering joke

    Sent pm mate
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    plastering joke

    Make it 70 and there your s
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    plastering joke

    Dunno really mate I think they were about 200 new just make me a reasonable offer mate
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    plastering joke

    We should retrain as plumbers they can charge what they want it seems
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    masking tape

    Spirt wipe will do it beg a bit off a car bodyshop
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    Stilts - Which ones?

    Spark look in for sale some one s selling a pair of mk 1 s !
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    Marshall town mk1 s for sale

    Checked today they go from 18 to 30 I can take a pic and txt it to verify the condition if any one s interested
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    Marshall town mk1 s for sale

    Think there the smaller one s about 30 inchs high
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    Marshall town mk1 s for sale

    Any one interested befor I weigh them in ! Tiny spec of rust on one of the strap s . Could nt get on so there unused I'm in burton on Trent will post or drop off if local. Reasonable offers please lads
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    help - think my plasterer is trying to rip me off?

    Plastere that can't board a ceiling wat s the crack !
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    Have i been taught right?

    work well on board used a fine refina one when i first started but stopped when i realised i was making hard work for my self:rolleyes)
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    FLOORS IN OLD house

    HELLO FELLAS .we are in the process of buying our own house but need to put two new floors in ,wooden one has woodworm other old quarry s.working on worst case of having both floors done in concrete or thinking of freeflowing screed ,can this be used instead and how does it compare in price .ps...
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    get a blaster in mate .the one i used offered a chemical strip :)
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    how many can you do in a day you should say to yourself seeing s as your doin the job ::)
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    Weber OCR

    good job that .i scrape it back too when i can just the same finish as coloured as you say :)
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    cement band repair compound?

    polyfilla exterior .cement based sands nice
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    or go to birmingham to pick some ocr up nice job to try it out tell em you have about 100sq to do but just want 36 bags to start you should get it for about 5.50 a bag then :)
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    sound :)
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    could you try it on a test panel if you get time rich
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    can you just leave it serrated darbied on mono then i section when ready or do you still have to spat after darbying ?
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    try some sas prorend .ive just done a job with it . i liked it and its about a tenner a bag only 25 kg tho
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    Big ceiling sos

    refina do some stageing tub s ,i have some use them with a youngaman i have it so it goes one end to the other :)
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    What a bit of kit

    looks good it aint spraying with much pressure heating of the paint will help . ive used a graco heated airless a lot in the past good kit :)
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    ha ha i know wat you mean i got a bit carried away with my scratcher on some ocr managed to repair tho had me sweating tho :)
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    Plasterboard (recycling!)

    sites , id say for a guess
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    stabbed in the back?

    best not to get too cosy mate really. just have some one to call on if you really need to then they should do the same , thats wat i do with my mate anyway :)
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    this is a cheap machine ???

    depends what you want to do . it will only mix two bags and you only get just over 1 sq m out of a bag .thought you were after a spray pump ?
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    need help lads

    6.10 a bag + for hpx i got quted at keens half the price of webber :)
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    need help lads

    got to be looking at about 8500 all in sand cement if you shop around you could probley do it in pre rend mesh and ocr as you will be saving time on the labour side .r better still see if you can do a deal with one of machine lads . or even let render systems crack on for twelve quid a metre...
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    Rendering over painted brick.

    the blaster that i was gonna use offered a chemical strip as well but they dont charge as much as you might think
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    do you have any you-tube of your work ?? here is two of mine

    do you have trouble with bay s . thought it could be a good way to get round the painted render job where it is solid by fixing boards to lath then thin could you use celotex insted of that really thick insulation?
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    do you have any you-tube of your work ?? here is two of mine

    not being picky mate but do the windows end up looking a little to set back , is there ever a need to refit them on these insulated jobs?
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    if there is no fishing rod im out :)
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    does it come with different outfit s like you could get for action men or is it just a little fishing rod or something
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    what weber render machine applie would you!!!

    try sas pro rend as well mate they dont do as many products to confuse you :)
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    do a wetish mix of sand cement or ocr put it on with a tyro gun it should come out similar to pics
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    looks like it dont it pm carping he will sort it out for you :)
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    m-tec duomix

    wales wasnt built in a day mate ;D
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    m-tec duomix

    sound funny bet it wasnt tho :)
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    m-tec duomix

    good idea that , how your new machine going mate
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    prep coat

    it s new but been built a good while ago.i rang em today assured me it would be fine, i cost of the stuff make s me worry in case it fails or something :)
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    prep coat

    hello i normally use rendaid on all the bits of rendering i do , gonna try some sas pro rend out and was gonna use there prep . it clean concrete block work so will it stick ok with out the prep ?