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  1. Zippydragon

    Thrive on pressure ....

    no way , going from one stressful career the last thing I’d ever want is more unnecessary stress. It’s a bit of muck on a wall or ceiling, not ever worth stress and what that brings
  2. Zippydragon

    New trowel breaking in tips

    Any tried and tested tips for prepping a new carbon trowel? I’ve used my salt stone as I always have done but I know lots of people have different tips
  3. Zippydragon

    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    A bad day only lasts 24 hours !
  4. Zippydragon

    People who try it on

    So a customer got me to quote months ago, then the weekly texts started of “can you not do that bit but this instead and make the quote cheaper. Eventually I have become annoyed and this was the icing on the cake so I had to tell them enough was enough. Probably cutting my nose off to spite my...
  5. Zippydragon

    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    Cos anyone I’ve ever passed anything to/met/seen work of that is a regular on here has been decent. Plus they all know if it’s s**t the rest of the group would slaughter them, in fact , knowing the bants on this group even if it’s a good job they will still get some tongue in cheek stick
  6. Zippydragon

    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    Project manager sounds just as much a clown as the plasterer. Chances are he’s had a nice drink off the “plasterer” to keep him sweet.! Most the people on here are decent at what they do, I’m sure there is someone that would take on the job and do it well. Project manager has probably read a...
  7. Zippydragon

    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    Did you sand with a shot blaster? Do not pay Do not let them in your house
  8. Zippydragon

    Speedskim causing long low spots

    How long have you had the speed skim? I bought a new one back in the summer and noticed something wasn’t right. When I took a good look at it there was a manufacturing fault and it had a warp in it. Fair play they swapped it no questions
  9. Zippydragon

    retired at 39

    Sounds good, don’t think I could retire I’d do other things, would love to own a few properties that need doing up so I can give my mates work when they have none and it funds itself, I’d never be able to sit at home all day, not good for the head and the mrs would do my f**k**g head in
  10. Zippydragon

    Paddle mixer quick release adaptor

    I will private message u
  11. Zippydragon

    Size of sets

    I’m coming off the fb group it’s boiling my piss, like u say , “3 bed house all on before lunch” They r killing us !!! They best make their money young cos they won’t live long enough doing that sort of s**t to their body’s
  12. Zippydragon

    Size of sets

    Cheers glad to know it’s not just me
  13. Zippydragon

    Size of sets

    This is obviously always a topic of debate and dick swinging and there are factors that differ on jobs but as a rule when doing reskims how many ceilings/walls are people putting on at a time? I have always got by by doing ceiling and couple reveals then hitting opposite walls but seeing lads on...
  14. Zippydragon

    red deisel

  15. Zippydragon

    red deisel

    Hahahaha that was no fault of his, just one of those things, top fella sorted me out when I needed it wouldn’t have a word said against such a nice fella. Was a shame as the merc was definately a better quality build than the traffic
  16. Zippydragon

    red deisel

    To be honest not worked it out, don’t use it all that regularly now but estimated 350-400 on a tank. Local driving that is. Took it to South Wales from Surrey last year and did less that half a tank doing 200 miles so on motorway drive I’d say 450-500 but that’s a guess
  17. Zippydragon

    red deisel

    My lwb Renault traffic is costing me £145 from empty to fill ‍♂️
  18. Zippydragon

    i know a plasterer

    It doesn’t sound like a nice situation by my standards but as I said, my standards. No confidence isn’t good and there has to be give and take. I know a few people who give their other halves all the money and that’s what works for them as they would go to Asda and come back with magic beans and...
  19. Zippydragon


  20. Zippydragon


    I have a Worcester combi and it’s ok, had to have a few repairs within 5 years of fitting. Had a vailant at my old place and that was good, had a fault and they sent their own engineer that night
  21. Zippydragon

    Floor Tile Removal

    Ceramic tiles?
  22. Zippydragon

    Bostik green grit.

    Sika rendagrip
  23. Zippydragon

    Bostik green grit.

    The red one I use on render is very good and that’s screwfix
  24. Zippydragon

    Bostik green grit.

    Avoid the yellow “bond it” brand . Used twice, awful stuff
  25. Zippydragon

    Paddle mixer quick release adaptor

    Got a brand new refina quick change adaptor for mixers. Can be used on other brands, I don’t use them, anyone interested in buying it ?
  26. Zippydragon

    unusual tips

    f**k me they r generous in wales!
  27. Zippydragon

    Views on different sized trowels

    It’s odd like I say, total personal preference, I can’t get on with anything other than my 16. Stupid as bigger trowel doesn’t make much difference to work amount , it’s not like I’ve got a giant handboard/hawk to go with it
  28. Zippydragon

    Views on different sized trowels

    What’s peoples views on size of trowels for their main trowel? I always got on best with marshalltown 16inch and a friend uses a marshalltown 20 inch, I know most use a 14 and to be honest I can’t see anything other than personal preference to be reason
  29. Zippydragon

    Joddy mixer

    Just seen it’s a pan mixer? What are the benefits of these over conventional mixers/whisks ?
  30. Zippydragon

    Joddy mixer

    Please excuse my nievety but what’s a joddy mixer when it’s at home? Never heard of one?!!
  31. Zippydragon

    Taking Credit Card Payments

    Agree mate, they are brilliant
  32. Zippydragon

    Cordless mixer

    I spent £500 16 years ago on my Bosch mixer, it’s more of do I take the risk of going to dewalt cordless or just buy another Bosch which will last another 16 years
  33. Zippydragon

    Cordless mixer

    Just haven’t got £630 sat spare it’s not about being tight
  34. Zippydragon

    Screwfix offer on dewalt cordless mixer

    Screwfix wanting £600 odd for the mixer with 2 x 6 ah batteries but can get a 3rd battery free at the moment. Might be of use to some of you
  35. Zippydragon

    Cordless mixer

    I look at these and think take the plunge but then I just think get a mega mix for 300 and plug it in
  36. Zippydragon

    Negative review

    Definitely agree with the comment to reply publicly, kill em with kindness, gives you the high ground and makes them look silly
  37. Zippydragon

    Cheeky customer

    Oh and now she’s moaning about me On local Facebook site, some of my customers have slated her
  38. Zippydragon

    Cheeky customer

    So a customer got me to quote a job about 8 weeks back. I arrived and alarm bells started to ring. Some rooms had been done and done well, I asked why they were looking for someone else and was met with an awkward look. Then the husband walked in. Didn’t know if he wanted a quote or a victim...
  39. Zippydragon

    help on stopping drinking

    Put the money u spend on booze in a jar, have a holiday on it once a year
  40. Zippydragon

    Skimming gone wrong! Any clues why?

    Wow, think they got their trowel and handboard/hawk wrong way round
  41. Zippydragon


    Forgive any wrong spelling but can anyone share any advice/best practice about rendering quoins. Just came back from holiday and it was very popular but can’t say it’s something we have in my area. Would like to do some
  42. Zippydragon

    Working on film sets and studios

    I worked at London aquarium when it was being refurbed about 14 years back. They had a firm come in who called themselves “themers” Bunch of hippie art graduates who travel the world “theming sets/attractions” Few of them were clever guys but majority were shite, they were earning a fortune...
  43. Zippydragon

    Advice request

    I had similar when I moved into my house, the inside walls were built with some shite block which had never been plastered , just painted over( they were old farm workers cottages thrown together after the war and not all that well. Previous owner had skimmed straight over as they appeared to be...
  44. Zippydragon


    No not for the plates however if you are very unlucky and it’s a traffic officer on a bad day they can do a thing called pg9 on your car which in theory cancels your MOT and your car has to be recovered at your own expense. Very costly day- although very very unlikely
  45. Zippydragon


    Anyone Surrey/Sussex/Kent definitely worth trying Hitchcock and king. Cracking rendering sand and look after their regulars
  46. Zippydragon

    Wife keen on getting a lazy spar ho tub. I think there to expensive. Anyone got one.

    Bought one last year, mrs and kids love it, I f**k**g hate the thing, pain in the arse
  47. Zippydragon


    @Smudger1 what merchants/suppliers you got round Swansea?