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    wood wool boards

    that sounds manageable ! just to make sure i've got it correct. cover the boards that have been supplied and fitted with a level coat of supplied lime material bedded into the undercoat with fiberous mesh ? and then flatte and finish with a lime putty. what sort of m2 would you reccomend for 2...
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    wood wool boards

    thanks mate, at least someone replied lol.
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    wood wool boards

    HI all, i'm a plasterer 8 years time served. ive been self employed now for 2 years. recently ive been steering towards like work and traditional cornice. so far so good!. ive been offered a job going over wood wool board. the material has already been organised and i'm certain i can manage it...
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    Joiner who wants to plaster

    My advice to you would be to start off with some garden walls. OCR is okay but it’s only really advised to use in one coat onto fresh blocks.