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    Rooms with no air/ventilation

    Yeah did all these didn’t really help too much. Much just have been particularly bad. Cheers anyway
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    Rooms with no air/ventilation

    Alright lads and lasses. How do you all deal with rooms where their is no air or ventilation. Had a few bathrooms recently with no windows and the humidity inside the rooms makes for hard work to get a nice finish. Feels as if the water is just sitting on the plaster and it goes greasy.
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    Thistle finishing plaster 12.5kg : £7.29??

    Just had a promo from wickes "New British Gypsum Range and Even Lower Prices on Plaster..." 12.5kg Thistle finishing plaster = £7.29 British Gypsum Thistle Multi Finish Plaster 25kg = £5.95. What the eff? Surely its the same product.
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    On a serious note

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    labour rates

    No, but i would sort out some payment terms with them personally. Dont like waiting for money. If they dont want me, they can look elsewhere i will not miss them..
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    Multi finish problems.

    BG multi has been all over the place for me recently, havnt had a decent gauge for about 2 years, pretty much since they started lining the bags with plastic. It'll either be pulling in too quick, staying wet then setting really quick and peeling on last trowel or polish trowel, or just feel...
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    labour rates

    • is the work for you or to contract out to others? •what kind of work is it? •are you providing materials? •will you have to come out to oversee the work if for subbies? •are the firms who are offering work big time or just small companies? (big time usually screw you around more, waiting...
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    anyone use the hilti auto feed? how much are they?

    surprising how much time it saves with an auto feed! seriously one of my favourite tools on the van (apart from mixing drill, hate mixing my hand! Oh and trowel, hate plastering with my hand! Oh and hawk/handboard, hate holding plaster in my hand and scooping off into my other hand to lay on the...
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    Makita Autofeed Screw Gun 240 or 110?

    Makita 18v checking in. Used to jam as a screw slipped and got caught in the guide once, managed to source a new guide off ebay and never had a problem since.. I do try to use better quality screws though (senco, rawl etc) but the battery will last me the majority of the day, even screwing 55mm...
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    Outdoor Garden wall re-rendering

    would tanking the side where rendering not be enough then? would it not still act as a barrier?
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    Outdoor Garden wall re-rendering

    Looked at a job to re-render an outside garden wall which lies beside some steps going up a garden. Behind the wall the garden is raised high so pretty sure soil/earth etc is behind it. The render was soaking wet, which i figure could be two reasons, a. being the soil behind and b. the render...
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    Advertising yourself, help required.

    Am I the only one who noticed he started plastering at 12?!?! No wonder your bones are buggered, child labour is banned for a reason!! For me, website works a treat, never listen to cold callers promising you a profit as they will never, ever work out to be what they say! Never really leaflet...
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    pricing software

    Make an excel spreadsheet, formulas are all documented and you can even use existing templates.. Use Wickes or whatever to find the price for all materials and put your own labour charge at the bottom.. So, yes, i am recommending excel
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    Oh lordy, do not think ill work there again...

    Top guy, more than pleased to get some good responses from people, i cant explain it so hoping someone else will be able to!
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    Oh lordy, do not think ill work there again...

    YES! but there was 100% no one in the house!!!!
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    Oh lordy, do not think ill work there again...

    Still freaked us out big time! Never believed in ghosts and that, but i have no logical explanation for this one!
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    Oh lordy, do not think ill work there again...

    Working on an old house the other week, and something very strange and scary happened. We heard lots of banging throughout the time we were there (5 days altogether) but we just presumed it was the next door neighbors having some work done as there were work vans outside their house too. Anyway...
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    Plastering window reveals video

    didn't know you were supposed to put reveals on in such an un-even manner...
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    Are your websites working?

    incorrect. the only thing you have to invest go get noticed online is time. SEO has changed a lot since 2009 when keywords and backlinks got you to the top. Google could penalise your site for using some of the old techniques, used too much it now is seen upon as blackhat seo. My site seems to...
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    New plastering website..

    LOL at stolen stilton ^^that made me laugh
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    expensive work pants

    snickers all the time for me, can make them last ages... they do stink though coz i never wash them!
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    i've seen your girlfriends minnie
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    Check a trade

    Yep +1 for a website, i tried yell, some shyte called bt customer street, and a few ads in the local rags etc and i must have got about two jobs from the whole experience. Website has been live since january this year and have won more than 20 jobs from it! Cant go wrong mate, save yer £500 and...
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    Mixing Small Buckets

    got a little but of plaster to mix up? Do you only need a small buckets worth? Grab your render scratcher and mix it with that! A lot quicker than using a bucket trowel and saves the mess made by mixing with a drill! Magic.... :RpS_thumbup:
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    Blade, its definitely get one mate, mine brings in plenty of work! Cheap and works great!
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    printed polo t shirts

    i buy cheap t-shirts from asda, then get some transfer paper and do it myself! Its a lot cheaper, when the tshirts are shagged i just chuck them and make a new one! It it quite time consuming cutting all the lettering though.
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    cheers Danny :RpS_biggrin:
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    Actually thats not really true. In some cases it may be true but if you link your google places page to your website, your sites url comes up with it. And with the new panda update (googles algorithm for search results) places (A-G) are classed as your ranking position! Ryanb.. Try having a go...
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    this. is. genius

    Hahaahahha... that video has brightened up my day! I would love to see a potential customers face when they view that video
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    Standard of work

    £4 a square metre? that a lot better than what most pay! I love rough plasterers, gets me loads of work, had this one job where the builder said he could plaster to the punter. So they gave him some artex ceilings to skim. He didnt scrape, bond whatever you fancy the artex and his work looked...
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    Skimming/Plastering curves

    I dont know whether you have a wilkinsons (they used to be derbyshire based but i think they have expanded) but they do plastic spatulas, 3 sizes same as your typical filling knives (scrapers whatever you want to call them). They are 79p at my local shop, and i have a ton of them, i use them all...
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    i know you will probably call me

    £50? mate your doing yourself out, plasterers are the most hardworking trade. No other trade will put your body under the amount of strain as plastering. You will be better off getting another job as others have said rather than working for £50, for starters you will get a reputation of being...
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    Gorilla tubs

    Always use them. But i nearly always do a 1 1/2 bag mixes. If its a 1 bag mix, i use a tall bucket, but any more its a gorilla bucket using a megamixer!!
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    Gyproc Blade Runner Any Good?

    They are good if you have loads of easy cuts, but the majority of jobs are not like that! Stick to a stanley,
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    k-rend questions...

    Hearing more and more about k-rend these days, and decided to get a bit more knowledge from any of you lads who use it. 1st question. - How different is the application from traditional sand and cement? 2nd question. - Have any of you lads done the 1 day training? or is it a bit pointless...
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    Van Insurance....

    Direct line were the cheapest for me this year. Always have a check with them too, as they dont show in the comparison sites!
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    Where to shop ??

    belmore tools is quite good. Used them a couple of times
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    websites again

    what he said!!! Thats why im doing a blog...
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    websites again

    not planning on giving a diary of my day to day life, ill be adding tips and tutorials for the masses, more content and more options for people to link to me with ;) If you post something worthwhile people will share it, giving your site more authority.....
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    websites again

    crappy code as in what? I used html for my main site, as apart from adding pictures to my gallery (which only takes a few minutes with html no need 4 CMS and automated media crap) the site will be pretty much static. and wordpress for my blog, but as i already stated, it looks mangled on IE...
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    websites again

    nah the only pages which are CMS are the /blog/, rest is all html.... HTML5 too (hopefully the 1st plasterer to use the latest code!!) Yeah i just set my blog up, but when i checked it the other day on internet explorer it was all mangled. IE must be the worst browser ever. I plan on making...
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    websites again

    hahahahaha oh well..... im happy with it though, like i say there are a few things to sort out, and yeah, grammar is definitely one of them! anyway, criticism only makes for great success!
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    websites again

    Plasterer in Derby
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    websites again

    Why pay someone? Buy some books, look on the web, google SEO. Theres loads of tips and plastering doesnt particularly have much keyword competition. Ive just made my own site. Bought loads of books spent all my days over christmas doing it, and am dead proud of it now. Still a few nooks and...
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    we will marble 4u

    LOL well this thread backfired on him didnt it ........
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    we will marble 4u

    on your types of plasters page...... affect = effect beautifull = beautiful There is a few on your feedback page too but there not too noticeable. Not being picky but it will make you look bad if you spell loads wrong!!