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    What size fixings for soundbloc ceiling?

    res bars usually give between 8 - 15 dB benefit, which is quite a lot. Make sure you fix into the bar making sure the screw doesnt go straight into the joist as that will reduce the performance. Spoke to a greeat guy at Protektor 'Mike' gave me all the info I needed he will also tell you what...
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    paint blistering on new plaster

    you'd think the Vinyl Paint manufacturers would have something written on their tins by now warning about this, this problem is always poppin up
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    Advice needed!!!!

    you could always re-board the ceiling and cut out a circle and create a step arround the center detail use a PVC flexi curved edge bead to finish off to....
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    Some nice big walls for a change.

    youll get crackin on that mate.... check out Lucius comments over 3mtr, and dont forget ur movement joints when ur building a partition.
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    Plastic Angle Beads x

    it must have a great hyper link
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    EML pricking up coat

    If your using EML I hope youve got stainless steel lath and not galvanised, daft one I know but make sure you use stainless fixings too :RpS_thumbup:
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    Plastic Angle Beads x

    Check out they should have all you need. Where some products show 13-20mm it would probably need some form of dabbing out. Top products will have a product to suit each of the finish thicknesses.