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  1. henry

    Top 10 things 4 a plasterers good day

    I think a skip on the job is the best one but also hitting green lights all the way in and out .
  2. henry

    Hairline cracks

    Having a tub of fibre lime sorts cracks out a bit of a piss about cutting the cracks out and filling but sorts the problem. Artex sealer kills the suction on old painted lime walls , have you not tried paper tape.
  3. henry

    Ultra Finish

    all this new brands of plaster, is just windmills in the mind.
  4. henry

    Pricing Work..

    This thread got to be a wind up.
  5. henry

    Site work.

    site work got to be better , you have a standard of plastering what is expected from you. Re skimming is just the wild west with every fecking cowboy at it.
  6. henry

    To get a labourer or not

    I think it will be a good move for you .
  7. henry

    Working like a dog

    dont start smelling like a wet dog.
  8. henry

    Its booming again but......

    The Uk and like our own trade has been bastardise get use to it , after all we voted the w@nkers into power.
  9. henry

    Anyone else noticing how busy work is

    Well after been busy for 6 months , I hit the buffers run out of work this week.:RpS_thumbdn:
  10. henry

    pva over artex

    I give mine 2 coats pva if your skimming over plasterboard which has been artex then tell them when the ceiling drys they may get some cracks showing through which you will not be able to see because off the artex.
  11. henry

    Plasprime x

    Yep I was the first one down our street to use it:RpS_thumbup: Did a gable in it was not on blocks but bricks have to to say I had total control over the suction . I would use it over blocks do not really see a problem, feel the fear and go for it.
  12. henry

    Plastering straight.

    Not many folk are willing to pay for a decent job sad but true nowdays, price is everything.
  13. henry

    sidelight on finnish

    so this is your 2nd coming then.
  14. henry

    I Want to be a plasterer. West Yorkshire

    You will not get a bronze tan been a spread mate:RpS_thumbsup: plastering prices still on the floor mate at present. but good luck with it.
  15. henry

    quotes /

    It's not just about price mate it can also be how you are with people and how they see you. Job like that price there and then and it's a days graft even for an old fooker like me, unless the walls are really shite.
  16. henry

    Beat damp in a day with Safeguard Dryzone

    Will have to see what our super mod you know who has to say and not forgetting eddie.
  17. henry

    cracking complaints

    Tell him it's all this fracking nightmare for plasterers.:RpS_thumbsup:
  18. henry

    10 bags of multi finish

    what matters is how much is in the sky rocket at the end of the day. 10 25kg bags try 10 8st bags lol
  19. henry

    first ceiling

    Plasterers always looking for the philosopher's stone.
  20. henry

    Dropping plaster

    give google a bell mate and ask when there going to pay some tax. just because someone is paid in cash dont mean he not putting through the books.
  21. henry

    Approx wages

    it is dog eat dog all I can say give it a go.
  22. henry

    site work

    1978 was 4' in water in my house not fun mate that cleethorpes am talking about.. and with kids.
  23. henry

    point master

    does it clog up owls like a lot of other point guns.
  24. henry

    point master

    Any you guys use the pointmaster pointing gun .
  25. henry


    your going to be dabbing onto old walls and it's only as good as the backing plaster what's on. Them boards are £26 in wicks. External walls plaster off sbr cement slurry coat then dab boards.
  26. henry

    Solid Plasterering Instructor Availability

    what matters is the pay £££££££££££££££££££££
  27. henry

    New board, old board.

    Ive used artex sealer with good results, some suction control can be a right pain.
  28. henry

    Worst trade for cleaning

    try and clean up as you go otherwise your just peddling muck about all day.
  29. henry

    gyproc thermal taper edge

    fix them it is. cheers lads.
  30. henry

    gyproc thermal taper edge

    Can you dot and dab thermal taper edge boards or should they be screwed to a framework. I just think it's only the 22mm foam holding the board.
  31. henry

    Lime or S&C

    1840 lime full on mate.
  32. henry

    Seaside mix

    Pvc window fitters cause more problems to render then anything else. I live on the seaside and pebble dashed , rendering s+c with no problem and here we get winds from the east and Northerly blast . and looking at jobs 20yrs ago little tired looking but still doing the job. Try thermocromex...
  33. henry

    Seaside mix

    south facing I would be thinking more about the sun cooking your render, why dont you think about a nhl mix .
  34. henry

    I often think

    Am afraid not zombie 50 a day , not sure about there work thou. Flynnman looked at a job last week ceiling and making good , but one of our local firms had been working the guy feck them off, it was dog rough and this firm you will have seen drive a long wheel base van with green lettering.
  35. henry

    worse trade ever! nowadays

    Not what you know mate but who you know, that's how you survive if that is the right word. Domestic is cut throat as site work. The big battle in your mind you hold the key to wealth or poverty your choice.
  36. henry

    I often think

    I know of a few who are working on £50 day when ask why they just say better then nothing. I think they are also getting working tax credits but saying nothing. For myself I know my worth and are worth a lot lot more then 50 day I always go the extra mile .
  37. henry

    I often think

    Do you think they say this to all trades john,
  38. henry


    I clean arris of with a plastic scraper ive seen spreads clean down with there trowel which may tale the galv of the bead
  39. henry

    I often think

    I often think when folk telephone for a price what they think is the price they thought that it would be. They may get prices of friends on what they have had done and use it as a yardstick and so on. But sometimes I think they seem to think that plastering is no big skill and just a stepping to...
  40. henry

    very dry wall

    I can only think over the years the render is so dry from pvc windows and central heating. , I did a bathroom last week and on one wall which had the problem off patches of skim blown from the render, so when I re skimmed on these patches was small craze cracking on my first coat yet the top...
  41. henry

    very dry wall

    I get this a lot on houses built in the 1970.s on re skims when the wall paper has been taking off it lifts the skim coat off. The render is so dry it's hard to find anything which will control the suction on the render , pva a waste of time at present am giving it a coat of sbr leave over night...
  42. henry


    It looks like a reaction between the nail and bead , how do you clean your beads off? and lets not forget some beads are just cheap and nasty to use, Ive stopped buying from wicks .
  43. henry

    Infidel / Dutch Plastering

    Well he has not got a milk crate . why do people not start from the top gets on my tits seeing people work that way.
  44. henry

    Paint removal

    Crack on with the scabbler mate ,takes an age to remove paint.
  45. henry

    No Cement in Pre-!920s houses

    time is money mate, let's forget about the expanding rentals in old terrace built homes all they want is another sticking plaster over the problem. multi is king at present.
  46. henry

    Industry review

    all done hope it helps.
  47. henry


    Show us a picture of your trowel gibbo , your to much of a stone wall jackson .
  48. henry

    Plastering ceiling 48

    Flipping heck he is a brick shitehouse love the scaff.
  49. henry

    Full artex room to skim

    If you have the time plasprime and go the next day to skim,