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    Very small damp proof job

    thanks artisan.. do you have a link for a place to buy the spray you use?
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    Very small damp proof job

    Do you generally just inject this cream alone and render/finish over the top.. or do you use something else aswell. eg render guard or a damp proof membrane
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    Had a nightmare reskim today, any advice

    Don't think it's anything to do with laying in with the same gear. I do this 9 times out of 10 and find that generally the jobs where I get tearing going on.. are the ones where i make a new mix to lay in with. Sometimes you just get a dodgy background or a dodgy batch of plastering. I know how...
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    I've used the old and new skywalkers, gotta say the new ones (with plastic bindings rather than straps) are comfortable.. and so much easier to walk in. I think it's the little suspension spring on the foot. They're 300sovs but managed to get mine on eBay brand new in the box for 200 2years ago...
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    Very small damp proof job

    I've got a small damp proofing job to do in a couple of weeks, it's literally 1metre in the one room and 1metre in the next room along.. Obviously I don't need a pro damp coursing pump.. so has anyone used any of these creams that work well and are a reasonable price?