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    Turned up to this

    LOL, Turned up today to do an extension.....on a fooking caravan !, the whole thing is built off palets on the soil, will get some pics
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Right oh, cheers, this fooker makes the wall so hot you can only keep your hand on it for a couple of secs !
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Cheers Bobby, do the tiles get hot ?
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    Tiling on fire Knauf board

    Hi Guys, Fitted a wood burner 2 weeks ago in customers house, the walls had a re skim months ago, using PVA, and a bonding agent....[posh job eh !]...anyway, the plaster around the wood burner has blown, due to the heat, bearing in mind the wood burner is at least a foot of the...
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    Damp patch

    What a load of b*ll***s !
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    alpine finish

    Used this in mid 80s.......we finished it with a horizontal stroke on a farm house, it looked fooking shite !...farmer loved it !. looked like a very neat scratch coat.
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    tiger stripes

    It's caused by the boards, lets face it, you never get it on float and set work. If you look a the grey side of the board in the right light, you can see the ripples in the board. On the white side, its harder too see, but the ripples are there......that's my theory anyway.
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    Why is the woodchip thread closed ?

    As the title says ^
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    Retired spreads.

    What part of Lanzarote are you in mate ? I live here also
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    suggestions for long gap under threshold

    Lets fook this job up !..............fill it with an old cement bag, then easy fill, then a strip of wood chip's a good'n :)
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    suggestions for long gap under threshold

    Agree, seen many hard wood door linings bow with this stuff..............fill it with sand & cement, then skim....being low level
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    Bucket shrapnel

    Check the paddle for any sharp edges.....then file them off
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    Don't forget that the over spray will hit the existing , thus increasing the texture around the patch
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    Plastering window reveals video

    Another one still learning how to use a trowel..............If it took any longer to put those reveals on, the customer would have charged him rent FFS !
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    Want to start a career in plastering

    Ah bless, this thread almost brought a tear to my eye .........he is in for a surprise in this born every minute, i was one of them !
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    final trowel

    Thank fcuk for that !........someone has realized the op has misses, and holes etc, which means he cannot skim properly.
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    Belle tub mixer

    Yep, they sell them here also, but don't fancy paying 400.00 euros for one..................just realized the thread is old !......FFS !
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    Belle tub mixer

    Will it mix screed, and concrete ?....if it does, might be interested ..........not sure how the fook I would get it to Lanzarote though !
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    Are we overtaxed in the UK?

    How is it all free ?....nothing is free from government....... government cannot give to you, without taking from somebody else first.
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    internal sand/cement with lime.

    Because low suction blocks will take longer to cure/dry
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    internal sand/cement with lime.

    What happens if you let it dry completely, say a month, then skim it, and sucks like fcuk ?
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    SPEEDSKIM®/The Plasterers Forum Exclusive End of Summer Promotion

    Tried one of these a few weeks ago, just tore the surface up. The blade needs to be chamfered, like a pre, worn trowel.
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    Block and Beam ceilings

    probably blown on the beams, due to the steel rusting, you might have to treat the steel rods before you plaster.
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    Refina s*p*r*lex Spatulas

    Used the 1 metre spat for the last two days on multi, great for flattening down, not too sure on finishing with it yet, but early days. Gets the thumbs up for me. only down side is you have to look after the blade, any nick in it, it's fooked. Can you change the blades ?
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    Asking basic questions

    There all the fooking idiots that went on a gold trowel course,........their forum was shyte........they ended up on here FFS !
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    Mock beam

    ^ didn't know refina did kids shovels
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    Kango sds drill for removing render

    Also, buy the 80mill sds chisel from hilti. Hilti Online - Wide-flat chisel TE-CP SPME 8/18: Item number: 00282306
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    I have no idea... Please help

    Might be the salt that has pushed the render off the wall. If the property is right on the sea front as you say, the wind and spray will have penetrated the brick work over many years. If it is a salt problem, it only pushes it off as it dries out, while it's ''damp'' (fook me did I just say...
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    coloured clay need to paint

    Could you not just paint it with mineral silicate paint ?.....Also, how does it set ?
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    The Guild Of Master Craftsmen

    This has been covered before on here.........I was a member years ago.......Fools and their money eh !
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    Skimming rigid insulation board,advise please!

    Could he not use a bonding agent ?. then skim......he also says it's internal, not external.
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    british gypsum finish or knauf finish

    I used it years ago, about 91, 93, at first couldn't get on with it, ...near the end of the setting time it just goes off quick, plus it's designed not too be polished, left as a matt finish, but we still gave it another trowel just to take the coarseness out of it. Good gear, and looks better...
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    That told
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    rising damp

    You are not too bright, I did not say damp does not exist, what I said is, it cannot rise as you seem to think. Also you seem to be getting confused with damp, rising damp, and salt damp. As for you asking for a reason to prove my point, my point is based on experience, damp is caused by many...
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    rising damp

    Look mate, if you are that cocksure of yourself, post a vid, or make a vid. Why do we have to bet ?. As for meeting, you will have to come a long fooking way to see me, as i am in the Canary Islands. Will have to agree to disagree on the issue
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    rising damp

    Look mate, if you are that cocksure of yourself, post a vid, or make a vid. Why do we have to bet ?. As for meeting, you will have to come a long fooking way to see me, as i am in the Canary Islands. Will have to agree to disagree on the issue
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    rising damp

    That's hanging
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    rising damp

    Rising damp.....worlds greatest con, if it's damp, find the course of the damp. It will not be rising. put any brick or block in water and see how high it won't. What about all the bridges that are made of bricks, that are in the water, that were built 200 years ago, do they have...
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    Skimming nightmare

    Paint some pva on the bottom of a clean black bucket, let it dry completely, then pour some water in the bucket and wait for 5, or 10 min.............It will go wet again, you will see it turn white. Reskims work wheather the pva is tacky or dry.
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    Skimming nightmare

    Might be wallpaper paste on the walls, if the case, fook all will stick to it until you wash the paste off
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    Construction line accredited

    You could drive a bus through the gaps on the boards......useless cunnts !
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    where do I start......

    ''It will take 2 hours to do the ceiling''............It will take him 2 hours to to knock the fooking gear up with that drill !. He had some bonding work to do, he should have done that first, so it was going off, ready to skim, then skim the lot in two sets.
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    Make sure you rule it off !! ;)
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    Collomix CX60 Repair

    Try here Spare parts for mixers, Original spare parts for mixing mechanisms, Nexmart and here There should be no grease in the gears, as they are...
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    Sponge Float

    Anyone used one of those cardboard trowels yet ?....was told it's finished as you lay it on.
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    Sponge Float

    ^ What a load of bolloks !
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    Sponge Float

    No mate, it's because they do not know how to do the fecking job !
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    who still lays a wall on this way

    So you are left handed Grand ?
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    Plastering over lining paper

    If you are going to skim it, make sure you have sealed it well. This is a no, no, but can be done with the right prep work. You will know if it's going to go tits up when the first coat has been sitting there for a while, you will see bulges, bit like skimming plasterboard where the paper has...