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    plasterers wanted East Midlands

    Hi I got a few sites spread out over the east Midlands mainly new build houses and schools. Looking for decent lads with cscs and utr thanks Lewis please call 07974490876
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    Plasterers wanted Lincoln/Chesterfield

    Plasterers wanted for various projects in and around the East Midlands continuation of work available. UTR and CSCS cards a must. good rates please ring lewis on 07974490876. Thanks
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    looking for apprenticeship or labouring LINCS/NOTTS (happy to relocate)

    Hi there I'm always looking for lads give me a ring on 07974490876 and I'll see what I can sort out. Lewis
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    Plasterer needed in Hinckley

    Hi there I need a plasterer or plasterers for a few days in Hinckley on a nursing home immediate start for right spread. Good rates and nice square rooms! Please call lewis on 07974490876 or email thanks
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    300m2 skiming in Manchester

    Plasterers wanted for job in Manchester 300m2 of skiming starts Tuesday if interested or you no any one who is please contact me on 07974490876 or email thanks Lewis
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    Plasterers wanted Leicester

    Yes it's the powered access card the minimum is the 3a and 3b category that you'll need.
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    Plasterers wanted Leicester

    Plasterers wanted for a site in Leicester must have Cscs card and IPAF good rates and continuation of work. Good clean trowels wanted. call Lewis on 07974490876 or Email
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    Plasterers wanted east mids

    Hi I'm looking for plasterers based in the East Midlands either gangs or lads on there own all new work please call Lewis on 07974490876 to discuss rates etc or email lkersey.kpc@gmail.con thanks
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    patcher needed in Leeds/lincoln

    It's mainly filing chases and plastering round doors that's been altered so would suit either some one either looking for some site experience or some one who likes patching which in my experience is older lads that don't want to banging loads on all the time!! I'm not posting rates on here but...
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    BG Spray Finish

    Well a little update had jo from bg out he couldnt really give us an answer to why it look so bad the paint dont help as it shows every thing up but it looks fine when mist coated paint it in diamond gloss and wow its awful. So we had a week of putting on by hand and did a 1000m2 in a week at a...
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    patcher needed in Leeds/lincoln

    sorry pressed enter and thats all it put as i said looking for a patcher on a job in leeds would ideally suit young lad or older chap as its a ll small stuff done on day rate i.e door ways to be skimimed chases filled etc. either leeds based where the job is or lincoln area i can take you to...
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    patcher needed in Leeds/lincoln

    Hi all im looking for a patcher in leeds
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    BG Spray Finish

    Plus spray is more expensive depends who's buying grump lol
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    BG Spray Finish

    Yes we're spraying 2 coats. We tried sponging it but it needs to be really wet other wise it just takes top coat of and looks awful. Yes they said its hard on the rotor spray multi. If you can spray over square edge board then it's fine but get any thickness but as we have to use TE dura line...
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    BG Spray Finish

    Has any one used them power floats from Refina?
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    BG Spray Finish

    We're using mtec 100 flow rate at 220 - 215 speed setting 4 found any lower it was clogging machine. We don't use water till last spat we normally spray flatten with skiming spat then trowel with plastic couple of times to get lines out then when it's turned give it a really hard spat gets most...
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    BG Spray Finish

    Would be good to try mpfinish but our sites are all bg specified!! I don't get why BG have bought out this spray finish when multi goes through the machine fine you can sponge it and it's cheaper and you can get a more polished finish with it
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    BG Spray Finish

    No it's fine by hand well it's got no air in it just tears when you do it by hand even after about 8 pallets I'm not sold on it what with the extra expense of the machine and the extra work sheeting down masking up to combat the over spray
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    BG Spray Finish

    Yes got the air turned right down also trying to have it as wet as possible and spat it soon as to get the air out, then troweling it couple of tines with plastic trowels then as its turning give it a really hard trowel with a spat! But it's still not great and if your not carefull you can...
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    BG Spray Finish

    It's more trying to get the air out of it that's trapped in the deep sections
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    BG Spray Finish

    Yes we tried going ahead and filling all the joints then flatning them waiting for them to pick up then spraying it all which adds an extra hour to each spray after arsing about doing all that it's quicker to hump it on by hand!
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    BG Spray Finish

    How is every one getting on with it? we are in the middle of spraying a big school and are struggling a bit to get it flat on the joints especially over the tapers on duraline boards which seem bit deeper then normal? it looks good when mist coated in matt paint but when it gets its first coat...
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    lincoln based plasterer wanted

    Hi all im looking for a plasterer to join us to boost our numbers. Should be continues work well as much as it is at the minute! we do every thing from refurbs to big comercial stuff from float and set, drylining and spray plastering. Idealy lincoln based as thats were i am and we work all over...
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    labourer wanted peterbourgh

    thats true but rather then trawling the back streets to find some pole who can hardley speak english id rather give some lads a chance who are out of work to earn some cash! plus i can trawel the streets at night when im not on the clock!!
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    labourer wanted peterbourgh

    Hi im looking for a labourer for a couple of days monday tuesday in whittlsey loading boards out. Im based in lincoln so can get you to site from there. call 07974490876 must have cscs card thanks Lewis.
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    mp finish

    Where have you been getting your bg spray finish from??? direct from bg or a supplyer how long you been waitng quickest i been offerd is 4 working days!!
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    hopefully they have sorted it then. I might give it another go then!!
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    Have you had any problems with the knauf shelling of the wall when the skirting boards are fitted? We used to use in on barrets years ago was nice to use and yes get more on but as soon as any one did anything on the wall it just fell off!!
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    plasterer looking for work country wide.

    Hi all 33 year old spread looking for work 17 years experiance time serverd all aspects of plastering also drylining metal fixing suspended ceilings comes complete with 18 year old apprentice but dont let that put you off!! CSCS card, ipaf 3a&3b just finished load of M&S fit outs and a 56 bed...
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    What Machine to get?

    hi gibbo where abouts your mate based im interested in his machine !!
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    is this multi?

    well its pink!!
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    Gold Trowel 6 week City & Guilds Qualification including a Krend (Rendering) Certific

    I just had a lad start with me who had done 2 years at college passed with distinctions. When i said right scrim up the room he asked what even the corners!!! Then couldnt fill a bead out properly and then when i gave him a wall to put on he took the plaster of his hawk the placed his trowel on...
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    6in wetting in brush

    i use a 6inch brush cost me 15 quid then tried a spray bottle used ot for 2 weeks and it broke cost me 3 quid so think its back to brush for me. and at least with a brush you can keep your trowel clean when cutting in.
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    one coat

    I been using a Refina spatula on skiming for a while now use it after first trowel to give it a cross one then polish it up once with it leaves it flat as f**k and like glass. Especially nice over skiming on hardwall with a bit of water.
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    Where to buy/lease a ritmo?

    Hi there im looking for a Ritmo mainly for hardwall and skim preferbly a 110v what you got on on offer?? my email is thanks Lewis
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    Ritmo on ebay

    so would this machine pump mp75 as it is? and how much would a new stator be for skiming am looking fo a cheap machine to get started and this is local to me. I have read that these Ritimos are good all rounders??
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    new boy on the block

    Hi i suppose technically im new been a member for a few months just never got round to posting!! Hi im lewis 32 been plastering since i was 16 followed in my fathers footsteps based in Lincoln but worked all over the place. Nice to meet you all and hope your all busy out there lol