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    Lower Back ache

    Didnt use to but had a health scare a few years ago, now i do weights and got into boxing after taking my son there, now im in my 40s and best shape of my life
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    Lower Back ache

    Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory then like the others say build up core and google hip mobility and do shoulders while ur at it
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    Van theft

    Not posted on here for a long time and i dont know if this has been covered but be carfull if u have a ford transit becuase the scumbags around notts have a key to get into these vans that they get off amazon. Luckly all they got out off my van was dusty but my mate wasnt as lucky he got cleared...
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    Another vid

    Fookin piss funny. That pole attachment is a work of art.
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    quote of the day

    Will there be much dust when u rip down that lath ceiling ?
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    boarding and/or tendering nvq

    I think you get an nvq in tenderising meat.
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    L 200 warrior

    Thanks for the replies mite just stick with me van and car
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    L 200 warrior

    What are your guys thoughts on the l200 warriors. At the moment I have a van for work and a car for the tribe at home but was thinking of a warrior which could do both jobs. Cheers
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    Upsetting the other trades

    When I was a kid working with me old man the sparky left his wires sticking out his boxes me dad said leave them in the box and I will clean them leave them out and I will fill them in. So he filled them in and the sparky crossed charged him. on the next houses me dad took the nail out of his...
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    Dust sheets

    Carpet I use clean dust sheets and tarp over them and hard floors it use builders paper
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    longer skim beads

    Never seen them bigger than 3m when I have to join beads to make them longer I always dab them and use a straight edge so they run flush
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    Damp proofing over the top ?

    Chimneys are grey areas where damp company's are involved most will not give guarantees on them because of the soot contamination on the brick work. Usually we just tank with slurry then wash plastering sand 2 coat leave for a week and skim.
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    Hi from Huddersfield!

    Ey up mate.
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    Tool Inventions

    I'm in the garage inventing ....
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    Someone tell me why .. Nela s/f and refina plastic

    I have never bothered with all these new trowels all I use are 13 and 11 inch carbon trowels. Used them style trowels for past 20 years and never had a problem so don't see the point in changing.
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    skimming internal render

    I always use board finish on s&c and limelite hi impact when going over limelite renovating plaster.
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    Mixing in the rain

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    How do people

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    should I specialize in one skill

    Most of the guys who specialize in one aspect have been plasterers for years and can do all the things you list to a high standard. Don't be a one trick pony.
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    Speed skim

    I wouldn't use a speed skim for backing coats or render just a rule
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    how to spead more faster

    It's not worth turning up if u ain't doing a house a day
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    floating beads / standard angle beads

    Deep throat I mean head first for me:RpS_thumbup:
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    how to spead more faster

    when a bag and a half is easy move up to 2 then 2.5 then 3 you will soon be doing 6 bag mixes easy like a boss
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    Traditional sand and cement render v the premixed renders.

    Sand and cement for me. I see a lot of shite rendering when driving about feel sorry for the home owners having some idiot practicing on there house
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    Do you like plastering?

    love it there is no other job where I can make 10 grand a week:rolleyes)
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    other trades

    problem is most people THINK they can plaster now days
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    If theres one thing the customer can do

    Don't ask me at the end of a cash job "who do I make the cheque out to"
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    Newbie Darby Question

    It shouldn't be bowed mate
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    Insurance backed guarantees

    I stopped my company doing guaranteed DPC jobs 2 years ago like u say load ov b*ll***s. Plus most jobs I went on I found a reason for the damp walls and It wasn't rising damp
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    Sounds like the best way 2 me
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    Working alone

    I mainly work on my own now, used to have a good labourer he is now a plasterer went on his own after 5 years selfish git said he couldn't live on £20 a day
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    Insurance backed guarantees

    I used to use triton and bio kill crown when I was giving guarantees out, you just had to sign up as 1 of their contactors and you could only use their materials and pay them a percentage of the job.
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    I fcuking hate site work!

    I hate sparks, joiners and plumbers
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    How long till i can reskim wall

    You should know if your confident enough to skim it again just keep in mind it could pull in faster over fresh plaster. Maybe just mist coat it then you can see all the bits you need to fill.
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    Dri coat

    If your struggling to get it you could use S&C that's mainly all I use on Damp jobs.
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    I want my house replastered - is this feasible?

    Don't you just love home owners hacking off, plaster left in all internals big lumps left all over the wall:RpS_cursing:
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    Cheers me duck. Forest :RpS_thumbsup:
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    Hello everyone I'm Dave from Nottingham, been plastering for 20 years and had my own plastering business for 10 years. Learnt the trade of me old man who is now 73 and still works for me part time