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    If you are rendering today....

    Class,jobs a goodin
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    Uni finish

    I got a chuckle out of it lol
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    Uni finish

    Sorry not add 'apply'
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    Uni finish

    It does no need to add pva adverts on thistle multi for uni finish are u piss heads lol
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    Uni finish

    I have Few times
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    Uni finish

    Point is he read a uni finish advert on a a few bags of multi
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    Marshalltown Duraflex

    More flex in handle to trowel blade
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    The Plasterers Forum Makes Super Forum Status

    I have 40 sq metres of plaster for sale in magnolia no imperfections must pick up and take off wall offers considered
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    weber 1 day course

    I have my own van,tools etc there's 10 to the penny skimmers around here I did the odd subby jobs when my own work goes quiet.councils get agency workers in now who are useless lol
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    weber 1 day course

    I've been plastering 10 years more of internal than external I can s/c render so I have used a trowel lol
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    weber 1 day course

    Where are u located mate?offers appreciated
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    weber 1 day course

    Why not Bobby?someone gave there time to u to learn all ya superior traits if any one asks me who's keen and determined I'll share it u tit
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    weber 1 day course

    I would pay to learn,nothing wrong with trying to expand your knowledge in the industry and certainly not trying to get anything for free there's no courses of this kind in my area
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    weber 1 day course

    Cheers for advice,all I can do is ring a few firms to offer free or cheap labour and pick there brains
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    Thistle magnetic plaster

    Order it from wickes online £49 25kg they don't stock it in local stores
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    best mix for completing same day

    Yep doping it up with a few handfuls of cement does the trick
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    First Go At Skimming A Artex Ceiling With Bonding & Plaster.

    Best work out if it's a lattes ceiling if so bonding it them skimming it (not mixed together)could be heavy I would scrape high spots off as much as poss and skim it or re board it with 60mm screws
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    k rend training

    Hi guys,in need of some help on k rend and Webber tuition in northeast England for myself thanks
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    weber 1 day course

    Hi guys,I'm after learning to do krend and Webber,been in plastering trade 10 year but not really clued up to charge customers for it I'm in southtynside any help would be appreciated to work for free and pick your brains thanks in advance
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    Pointed interior arch

    Is it easier to use plastic beads than stop beads for reskim for pointed arch