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    Ferrari Car Showroom, Colchester

    Company vehicle included ?
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    OMG Booted off job

    quick run down, mini extention, 12ft by 8, tack dab and skim and patch up in kitchen. Priced a job up, 3 days work. worked out time scale with retired chap, I can do it on the tuesday, friday and finish on the monday. All is agreed, so i turn up on the tuesday. No windows have been fitted, 2...
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    Why does my Multi Finish develop post-polish blemishes during drying ?

    When its near set and you start to see them, use end of trowel to smooth them over, most of the time you will get them on re-skims, that or buy a bag of fine filler lol
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    Speedskim cheaper elsewhere

    Speedskim Plasterers Rule 1200mm Description 1200mm - Speedskim Plastering Rule. For use on: Ceilings, Walls and Floors Ideal For: Multi-finish, Spray Finish Plasters, Backing Plasters, Renders and Latex Screed. So we here get charged £30(at the "DISCOUNTED" price) and its getting sold...
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    How good is the waterproofing

    thanks :RpS_thumbup:
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    How good is the waterproofing

    i know its obvious as its sealed but was wondering about the hot water effecting it around the shower.. ? and yes i know nothing about it but would look cool in a bathroom Thanx and all that eggy
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    Advice please (non payment by customer)

    Recorded delivery invoice is first step giving 14 days notice of action if his being a prat.. Then on to small claims, done a few myself. No harm in catching him at home one night with a few of your mates round the corner for back up, just to have a polite word as mention earlier.. If all else...