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    Ok I’ll let you off, just this once...happy new year too.
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    f**k about, thats shite. It’s people like you that gives proper tradesman a bad name lol
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    Insulating Victorian walls The insulated studs minimise cold bridging. You could do the same with normal studs but would require an overlay of PIR board.
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    Big bish.

    Cock Womble
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    Loft Conversion with Eco-Trus have a look at these.
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    Dewalt mixer

    Have you gone for extra locks on the van....I have/did have 2 customs but not sport ones. One got nicked and the other got broken into....I also had an insurance company refuse to insure them as apparently they are the easiest van on the market to break into and also start. Nice vans but I...
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    new system for fixing beads

    I’ve never tried.
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    new system for fixing beads

    Didn’t sound like it to me....what f**k**g idiot tries to fire staples into S&C?
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    new system for fixing beads

    Obviously Fire them In, so one side goes through a hole in the bead and the other side overlaps the edge of the bead. I staple all beads on, on board.
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    These radios

    I have one a yeah it’s good mate
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    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?
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    Underground Room

    It’s an amazing drum...have you worked on it? Good job for the portfolio.
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    Underground Room

    I see that....the bloke who produced the euphoria albums? His budget was unrealistic in the 1st place.
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    Underground Room

    have you seen this nutter?
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    Monthly payments for work??

    No that’s now how it works. You also receive commission....for example if you sold a 6k job via finance, the finance company would pay you a commission of around £300. Plus you can up sell etc because the customer can pay on the monthly and spread the cost.
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    Monthly payments for work??

    This thinking is the difference between being a businessman or being a spread.
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    Monthly payments for work?? You would more than likely need a consumer credit license though.
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    Microcement Bathroom

    Out of interest what’s the rough rate m2 to supply and fit? I’m just about to start a loft conversion on my house and have been considering this for the en-suite.
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    Sign writing

    I drive my van like I stole it so if I had it all stickered up, it would probably have the opposite effect and loose me work rather than get me it....I’ve got a little sticker of a turtle on the back door that says “I'm going as fast as I can” I normally do go as fast as I can lol
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    Sign writing

    Ain’t worth a wank in my opinion.
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    new build

    They might let you clean up soon or even make the brews.
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    Plastering over hot water radiator pipes

    In my house pipes have been chased in exactly the same as yours. Chased were bonded, scrim tape over the top and skimmed. Not a single one has cracked in 5 years.
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    If we do then I don’t think it’ll last long....So much money has been pumped into business and furlough. I think you they call it “helicopter loan affect”. The money that’s been dished out will be spent and the government ultimately get it back through taxes, vat etc. Some businesses will thrive...
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    Skimming a whole house which is gutted ...

    £8-£10 a m2, measured through openings as well. Thats if you could get hold of the pink stuff....As rare as rocking horse s**t! I’m Kent.
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    Is your holiday scuppered

    I hassled TUI by email and by phone every day for 10 day because they weren’t playing ball. In the end they melted and refunded my holiday. Money was in account the next day.
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    Tip for spot lights in ceilings.

    As a sparks I hate it when they are pulled through the board. You would have to be an idiot to think the sparks is going to cut the hole where they’ve been clipped to the joist. Just push them up and board over them and the sparks can cut them out afterwards.
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    Plastering loft conversion
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    Plastering loft conversion

    Use YBS insulation. A lot easier.
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    Come on Post up your jobs at home during lockdown

    Better man than me if you’re mounting the likes of them!
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    Come on Post up your jobs at home during lockdown

    Today’s job....keeps her indoors happy :numberone:
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    Resin bond
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    National hate service

    Tapit.....f**k**g pond life!
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    Pain mate. Is most of your plastering work domestic?
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    How come you’ve been in there offices?
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    Out of interest what happens? Was it about VAT?
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    Yeah but the cash could of been savings or from the sale of an item that’s not business related.
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    If you have a personal and separate business account then I would put it in the personal account. No more than 4K at a time as 5k and over gets flagged....(not that you’ve done anything wrong or it’s from skulduggery, but why have the agro). Then transfer the money to business account as a...
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    Nice bike. I used to do motox as a kid. Not rode or had a bike in about 10 years. I’ve thought about it a few times. Last bike was a KTM 144. Always been a two stroke fan really as a doddle to strip and put back together. As kids we used to take them to a massive Bit of waste land called the...
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    Government grant

    It’s not a garage it’s an old barn that’s been split into 5 little units.....I’m not talking anything fancy it’s a got a padlock on the door and it’s divided by a couple of stud walls. I have a business rates bill that states is £0 as it’s under small business rates relief scheme.
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    Government grant

    No don’t have to repay it.
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    Government grant

    Anyone got a premises? I’ve got a tiny lock up that costs me £100 a month. I don’t pay business rates as it comes under the small business rates relief scheme. Done the online application on my local councils website and received 10k yesterday into my bank.
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    How are the cheapys fending?

    Your forgetting having to pick up the gear, time doing a quote/seeing the job. I would quote that as £60 material, 11 hours work at £35 factoring in picking up material/quoting and disposal £385 Total £445 + 10% for business profit £489.50
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    The Pay Out