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    Cock ups and general mistakes!

    My mate was walking round one morning with yesterdays undies hanging at the bottom of his jeans :)
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    Talkin of smoking I gave up 6 weeks ago yesterday (I was on 60 a day ffs) In 6 weeks I have not smoked 2560 fags!
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    damp proofing> sand and cement onto a plastic membrane

    It is cheaper, except you have to do it in 2 coats. So he'll save 50 pence on gear and spend 100 quid extra on labour. Do it in sand and cement mate and take more money off the thick c*nt :)
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    damp proofing> sand and cement onto a plastic membrane

    Unsuprisingly the builder is a f*ckin moron! He wants sand and cement because he thinks its more 'water proof', what does he think the plastic membrane is doing? Thick f*ck!
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    most plasterers are thick

    I like going home.
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    where do u think i stand with this

    Of course he didnt want to get involved, because you arnt complaining about being over paid are you! Try this, phone him up and say youve been over paid by £1000, I'll bet he's happy to get involved then. When he does offer to be helpfull and intervein, say "oh sorry I meant under paid"...
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    where do u think i stand with this

    The order was worked out on a price per meter which on the BOQ added up to £3600. However the final tally was less meters so a smaller over all price. I think this is a deliberate stunt by the QS to get a loww rate per meter by pretending it was a bigger job. I've said it 10 million...
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    Re-Skim Cracking!!!

    cracks are like s**t.......................they happen! :)
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    CSCS Card Renewal -----

    Such a scam! Why is there any need to re-new it other than to take money off you?
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    where do u think i stand with this

    He will probably win if it went to court to be honest, unless you have anything in writting about the £3500 as a fixed price. The cheeky **** has had you right over and he knew it from the start, otherwise why would he have bothered with the boq? What I'd do is follow him home one night...
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    Cullamix Tyrolean

    We took over on a job where some lads underpriced and bailed off, didnt really want it but theres a lot of it and £2500 of inside work too, so couldnt turn it down :(
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    Your van

    Dont get me at it you yer f*cker :)
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    Your van

    Slobbery or snobbery :)
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    Your van

    Mine looks like the inside of a skip! And a skanky hanging skip at that. My mate decided to bag up all the crap off the floor of the cab the other day and it filled a black bin liner :)
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    Cullamix Tyrolean

    Labour of s**t more like :) Doing a tyrol job at the moment, f*ckin hate it.
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    I had a can man on the phone!

    lol :) He only has to con one person a day and hes on £500 quid a week. And his phone will be a £10 quid pay as you go sim from tesco
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    skimming, do you give you 1st coat a flattener once its on the wall/ceiling?

    Well is deffinately easier for second coating if you do flatten it. Some dont think its worth the extra time doing it.
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    I had a can man on the phone!

    Yep thats him, exact same phone number. Was it allegedly for uk business directory? I will phone them and let them know.
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    Mecafino ® Plus - Saint gobain product?? Anyone used it opn plasterboards

    Saint gobain own british gypsum and a milion other firms.
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    Skimming Spatula

    Im not buying but was just haeing a nosey, why do I have to log in to buy somthing? Thats just f*ckin anoying!
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    I had a can man on the phone!

    I had a con man on the phone! Some tw@t phoned me yesterday and said I had signed up to the UK business directory for two years, last year for £200 I said no I f*ckin havent cos I dont pay for f*ck all on google as I have top spot allready. He then continued to claim I did and he was...
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    Just walked off my job!

    £66 a day for three mixes a day is pathetic! Of course you were right to walk off, you can earn that working at Mcdonalds.
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    what is best way to bed mesh

    That was Wilson mate, but close enough :)
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    Never done mono need some advice

    I was doing a lime course a couple of years ago and they did this stuff called glaster its basically lime render with a load of crushed glass in it. It looks rather good so I am ordering some of the glass and going to add it in the mix, not too much cos that will weaken it a bit, and see how...
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    I do. They are s**t sinse they banned smoking, the f*ckin re***ds
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    cracks in sand/cement render?

    Cracks are like s** happens.
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    this. is. genius

    What the f*ck is the music all about? The video is bad enough on its own but who could sit through that shite?
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    Water/Fat drip marks showing through paint

    I think he means - It says dont use too much water. However fat marks happen!!! especially on reskims. I have been trying to work out why it happens, and im 99% certain its this. The very nature of a reskim is because the walls are all over the place, when we 'trowel up' we are...
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    now then fellas.

    It allways does it wet or dry, its a f*ckin nause. Pva it first that stops it.
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    Very good squire, very good :)
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    snidey customer

    A builder acting like a kunt?........................never!
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    first go on stilts

    I was about 35 when I first tried them. They take a bit of getting used too but it aint that hard. I used to spend a few minutes each night walking up and down my kitchen. Just so I didnt look like f*ckin bambi when I went on a job with them :)
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    Never done mono need some advice

    I only chose mono because I liked one of the colours to be honest, I am totaly open to suggestions. It might have to be 2 coat though , this tyrol thats on is really thickly done, and the bottom half is bare brick.
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    Never done mono need some advice

    Top half of my house is covered in a pile of wank otherwise known as tyrolean its as skanky as f*ck too. I fancy one of the coloured renders and was looking at monocouche. My questions are - can I scratch it with normal sand and cement and just top coat it in the colour, and is there...
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    painted brick

    Cant you score it with an angle grinder?
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    I'd have one but the price puts me off too.
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    45 degree externals

    If the joints arnt too tight you can use a normal skim bead by pushing one flange in the slot.........................................sounds a bit lezzer porno that does :)
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    First Bigger Ceiling on my own

    Seems fine well done.
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    First Bigger Ceiling on my own

    Its his first one though, I think hes right to be concerned rather than cocky.
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    First Bigger Ceiling on my own

    I love jelly babies :)
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    First Bigger Ceiling on my own

    That IS a big ceiling for a first attempt, just dont panic and dont f*ck about fannying with bits. You can PVA it to slow the set down, it stops the boards sucking the watter in. Get a bag of jelly babies, they are great for energy, and I'm not taking the p1ss either.
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    spraying finish

    Probably the colour of the bag and the price
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    spraying finish

    Maybe they have developed a plaster that can go on thick (like mp45) as well as thin like skim. Ad if they havent they should do, and if they do they can pay me cos that was my idea :)
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    They ate your dog?
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    Plastic trowels

    In what way is it uncomfortable?
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    when pricing re skims

    Whats PVA? :)
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    tricks of the trade

    I wouldnt one coat on a reskim either, troweling up compresses the plaster and thats when bits of the old wall start to show through.
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    gas pipe

    Do it yourself and get a plumber to test it.
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    H section

    H and I are the same shape but one has bigger flanges :) Maybe we need a treminology thread. I remember all the confusion over mix, set and batch in a few threads. Mix, set and batch are all the same thing, it means how much you put on in one go.