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  1. Moe

    Got it

    He thought it was a load of pepper on his sarnie,the wasp had to sting him 3 times till he realised! :RpS_laugh:
  2. Moe

    ex-soldier wanting to become a plasterer

    Had a mate who worked in a factory do a 2 week intensive plastering course in Stockport a couple of years ago...he's still working in that factory! You would be better trying to get on with some spreads labouring and take it from there.
  3. Moe

    K rend colours ??

    Had the same Mark with krends polar white on a refurb,looked more creamier than the sample the customer picked,which they pointed out but was still happy with the job luckily!
  4. Moe

    Unbelievable price!!

    Honestly mate,sometimes i wonder how i make it through the day with him :RpS_laugh:
  5. Moe

    Unbelievable price!!

    Zip it stress head!
  6. Moe

    everbuild super scrim

    Lol Gary,just doing a bit of internal whilst a builder gets an extension ready for us,she'll be out next week.There's about 6m2 of mono to do on this job...even contemplating using the pump for that!!! Just wanna spray gibbo :RpS_thumbup:
  7. Moe

    Unbelievable price!!

    jesus,people used to pull there faces when i told them it was £50 a metre!!
  8. Moe

    everbuild super scrim

    been using some scrim from direct building products,its pretty dam good....4 rolls in and no fraying yet!
  9. Moe

    Can this be plastered

    agree with reet ziggy
  10. Moe

    Through colour render beading

    lugging bags up and down the scaffold,constantly mixing bags and bags up....thank god them days are a thing of the past!
  11. Moe

    alright lads

    hello there
  12. Moe


    £8.60 + vat a bag delivered they recon,has anyone used this?
  13. Moe

    Dav now Moe

    Getting along with the machine just fine now Gary...bloody brilliant!
  14. Moe

    lanco latex

    We use it as a basecoat with lanco in it for refurb jobs ready for an acrylic finish or just as OCR.
  15. Moe

    lanco latex

    It's parex's basecoat mate,like OCR but better imo.
  16. Moe

    ocr spray

    Are you lads using the butt on its own or with a water pump? The pump we've got doesn't have an automatic cut off so keeps going when machine stops...think John thinks that might cause us problems with water being forced in when not switched off straight away!
  17. Moe

    Dav now Moe

    Hi all,names Dave,couldn't work out how to change my name in settings so have re registered. Thought id introduce myself again under new name! I'm from Manchester and do quite a bit of work with jfe...Loving the machine we got off Gary,had some teething problems to start with but it's all...