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    Site to domestic

    The wizard made the jump, it was a great leap of faith. Being known as the fastest site plasterer known to human kind was a hard title to leave behind. I done it for the money, I spend half my time these days prepping up. Then putting 40m2 on, double coated may I add, I know, I know...... For...
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    Help needed please - advice on quality of work

    Very rare you see boarding like that ever, I'd probably say your average boarder on site would be about one step up from the original photos
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    Tax returns put off until 2021 now aswell F*****g hell
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    The que in the bargain booze at the bottom of my road was out the door lads buying couple of crates each
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    Mad mad times I was born in 92 and have honestly never seen world governments reacting to anything like this in my life time.
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    UK lockdown this friday

    In all due respect mate, we haven't got a clue. I highly doubt a Tory government would want to destroy its own economy because that's what's happening A virus that didn't exisist on the planet 15 weeks ago has managed to get a decent foothold on nearly every continent on the planet.
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    UK lockdown this friday

    To be the people who think this isn't going to happen, aboustely brain dead. You can like it or not but right now it's not even up for debate, we are going into Spain, France style lockdown very very soon.
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    The size of it mate

    I dont think width of blade has much effect on finish. Arguably a wider trowel can hold more gear so you could say it could help you get it down faster You can trowel up with a speedskim with a blade less than a 1mm
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    Not often you see this!

    Is he offering £6.80 a metre on a room that less than 15 square metres? That's less than £100 with materials if so
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    The grey area

    You can plaster on every single site I've ever been on with a green card (labourers) card. This is pretty much common knowledge to any one. So what is the point in being qualified and holding the blue card?
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    Cheeky b*****d

    Just add this stuff to the the many reasons I swerve 99 percent of all domestics. Most customers don't have a clue and will expect a ceiling skimming for 40 quid. I honestly love hearing customers on here moaning about the standard of plastering they've had done in a room for £80. They deserve...
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    50/50 yes or no

    No amount of bonding or scrim is gonna stop a crack caused by movement in the building, these buildings weigh 1000s of kgs, unfortunately scrim and bonding isn't rated for that. Removing all old wood around windows or chimney breast before beading will help stop the wood suck moisture out of...
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    One coating plasterboard..

    There is firms out there now that if you can't one coat a 100 metres in a day they just take you off site and shoot you.
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    Bonding 60

    Throw a few handful of cement powder into the bonding mix and you've got yourself bonding 15
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    Young ens

    Everyone my age or younger loves to quit, that's why. They won't stick nothing out. 30 plus lads started the 3 year NVQ that I did, 3 of us passed out and finished. 90 percent of my course were only there because the government at the time were paying them EMA to be there
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    Thieving little t***s

    Haven't had a probelm in 2 years with the security firm being there, soon as the security firms contract ends the site gets robbed?? Sounds dodgy as f**k to me
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    No Hawk/handboard?

    You can do this with a metal speedskim aswell if the plaster is on a stand. I've found it's mainly tapers who do that wierd thing of putting gear on trowels with a 6 or the bucket trowel It's pointless, can load a handboard with a few scoops and get far more on
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    How long do you give it

    Totally agree paulf, the bookies have stopped taking bets on his next ploy being...... "Sorry mate can only withdraw £250 today" (less than what I'm owed)
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    How long do you give it

    To be honest, I admire the sheer audicity of the c**t. It wouldn't be half as funny if I wasn't covered for the money I tell u though.
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    How long do you give it

    He's playing me like a fiddle. Didn't answer the door when I turned up. I've just received a text saying "got your money here mate will withdraw it first thing in the morning for you" You don't get any of this on site, work is all signed off by someone and your contractor pays you what your...
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    How long do you give it

    No I'm still waiting mate, got hit with a sob story on how his mortgage company have taken money on the wrong date. Assured me he will have money tommorow. Totally full of crap. I've told him I've lost interest with the excuses and he has got till tommorow to pay me or am coming back to blow...
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    How long do you give it

    I wonder if it's got anything to do with me insisting on he comes to see the job naked
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    How long do you give it

    Am a plastering wizard a true thoroughbred bred to plaster from an early age, I skimmed a full room when I was 7 and for Christmas that year I asked for a Refina mega mixer. These mere mortal customers don't deserve this level of craftsmanship is my attitude on this.
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    How long do you give it

    Just another reason to add to the list of why domestic jobs aren't worth the hassle
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    How long do you give it

    It's a daft road to go down to be honest mate, no one wins and I could even get hit with criminal damage etc if I cause more damage taking it off or damage anything - its not worth it for a room
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    How long do you give it

    I can hear the chants in the distance of Hack it off, hack it off, hack it off!
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    How long do you give it

    Done a full room after work, customer was begging for it to be done, finished about half 7, he come round said all was good and he would bank transfer me the money that night. Nothing comes across that night. Text on Thursday asking what happened to the bank transfer, got told yes, only to be...
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    Lets see you at work

    It shouldn't even be legal to put a shine on a wall like that
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    Am serious ye, its nothing to do with fitness or keeping in shape either. I ran a 5k this weekend in 17.58. That doesn't stop my hands cramping like a girl after a decent hit.
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    Ye at the grand age of 28 and 11 years plastering as a site money I've deffo got a weird form of plastering based arthritis. Hands locks up and my wrist cracks constantly. Add a bit of cold into the mix and I'm nearly finished already
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    Anyone else get really cold or numb hands plastering, even bad aches in your fingers?
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    Why are quotes all over the shop?

    Keep us update Mo I like the way this lad is playing this
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    Nobody upsets me mate I see the plastering trade for what it is We work the hardest and probably get the worst money, keep on being a plastering hero and two coating fresh plasterboard for as long as you like, I'm honestly telling you it doesn't need it. The wizard
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    Do you mean why have they used the boards with the hollow/recess on them? Haven't got a clue mate but I've been on countless jobs were I've had to skim tapered edge boards Bet it's something to do with costs of the boards or pricing for taping originally, I honestly don't know
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    I've genuinely got no clue what you mean?
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    They normally have a little hollow a couple of mil they are full of scrim and the gear pulls in nice, I fill them first it's normally only straight joints You can definitely get away with not filling them first though, just be prepared to have give the tapered edges another coat later on in the set
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    My mate finishes with Totally agree, you will get slated on here for saying it though. One coating on nice fresh decent boarding isnt rough if you do it right Fill your tapered joints first, wait a couple minutes, nice thick first coat on as much as possible, drop back and flatten whenever...
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    Marshalltown from start to finish with a bit of plastic thrown in is still the fastest way to finish a set For reasons I haven't quite worked out, if you touch it once with a s*p*r*lex you've just added 30 minutes to the set.
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    I agree, I won't do it on domestics. Those nice fresh plasterboard on site are asking for it though and like I've said before a million times if the site agents are passing one coat work and paying me for it, that is not my problem.
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    If your work looks mint when wet but bad when it's dry, isn't that normally because your using too much water or fat late on in the game, it looks mint wet but a few days later when it's all dries out, that nice shiny top coat has shrunk and left it looking dodgy Could aslo be Not trowelling...
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    Old member returning with a controversial question

    For decent size areas......Get it on with a steel mt, flatten with speedskims, mt comes back out for any areas the speedskim is struggling with. how can a 14 inch trowel be faster than a 900 or 1200 speed skim for flattening
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    Andy g

    Good to see I’m still one of the fastest lads about
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    Pva or blue grit

    If you've got the time the grit everytime, but their lies the issue, you can't pva a room with grit and skim it the same day, you can with pva though. 90 percent of the time pva is fine anyway
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    It's not Silk paint is it ?
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    Worse feeling,than a ceiling dropping .

    The wife is too upset to talk to you over a honest mistake that hasn't hurt no one is pathetic though, f**k domestics
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    Low point scraping barrel

    Not really, I work threw the same few people, who seem to get a good portion of the hotels, schools being built. Not uncommon to spend months on the same job ie....15 floors, 24 rooms a floor plus corridors, working our way up the building
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    Low point scraping barrel

    Dont bother with the internet for advertising mate try and get on site and get talking to as many people as possible. None of my work comes threw the internet
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    Low point scraping barrel

    You can't judge what is happening within the plastering industry by using my builder 90 percent of lads I know all work for the same little group of companies either threw someone or direct these companies definatly have the monoply on the bigger projects - hotels, schools, etc
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    Low point scraping barrel

    You can't just say its the poles or foreigners doing this though, British firms will happily throw 4 lads in a plot, 2 upstairs, 2 down
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    Dirty water does the job, but it does what it wants. Every mix is a gamble Will it set in 20 minutes or will it be an hour, know one honestly knows.