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  1. J

    Plastered ceiling dips at one end

    Needs a to be p v a bonded out then reset to correct the problem other wise it will always catch you eye
  2. J

    Quality of finish advice

    Hi the work is of a very poor standard once it’s painted it will look even worse for a good plasterer to correct that your looking at around £200+ the thing with theses sites like check a trader I’ve never used them I know of many a bad plaster be on there . Not saying there are all bad but...
  3. J

    Render finish looking horrible in the sun only

    It looks like you haven’t used a straight edge speed skim or Darby that would help & then go over with a float to take out the high point & fill the hollows as you go rendering take time & patience the sun is never a friend to any form of rendering
  4. J

    Feb winter mix or feb speed ?

    Feb winter mix or Feb speed ? Which is the better one to use & can you add lime with these products I think not but thought il ask the question thanks