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    Render Manufacturers

    Parex and weber mainly Had a couple of jobs with Krend but it's horrible product and even worse company to deal with
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    pft g5

    john is based in airdrie , im sure he could help you out with a few hours training
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    K1 cracking

    ive just finished a little bungalow using k1 , i thought it was great to spray and just as good to rule off . it is a very slow set we found it was best sprayed late and leave overnight , with the cracking issue we had 1 gable which was in direct sunlight most of the day and when we came to...
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    Spraying OCR

    nice job pal .
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    i have a client who is demanding a stone effect over external insulation has it been tried and tested with pics
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    anybody no why the onboard compressor wont shut down when air hose is closed
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    parex crazy cracking

    and also try not to work in direct sunlight
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    acrylic set up

    cheers which compressor are u all using
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    used weber ocr with ritmo

    why so heavy bobby 15mm would have been fine . ocr sprays nice @ 275 speed 9
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    acrylic set up

    im looking to start spraying acrylic with the ritmo m 240 what sort of set up are you guys using ?
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    Refina EPG400 16" Sponge Power Float by Refina

    i bought this last year to rub up ocr when spraying excellent peice of kit and saves hrs
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    Scot rend

    scotrend is a brand name produced by rowebb ive only ever used it as a dash receiver and is very nice to use . are you wanting to mix your stone with the render to produce the wet dash ?
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    self leveling

    I have 50 bags of the sika flex leveling compound to lay and want to try through the ritmo m has anyone tried this and at what water setting + speed . Thanks in advance
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    CPI Delivery Woes

    I ordered 3 tonnes to delivered to the store a few months back stuff didn't turn up so phoned up and was told it had been dropped off , spent 3 days trying to find the pallets. Which had had been dropped off 10 miles away at a farm when I went to collect it they had sent high bond ? Phoned up...
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    SBR with LIME in render??? yes or no?

    Pointless if you ask me, just a waste of good sbr?
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    help please lads

    That's shocking !! . People like this give the rest of us a bad name
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    K17 won't stick

    Bit of a grey area this ? . How thick do you need to dab out ? . Perhaps the gun foam may get a better contact
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    Sjl power

    Same here goody but they were cheap at that price back then
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    Led lights

    Wouldn't bother with led mate bought a set for 50 quid and they are crap stick with halogen
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    the new thistle no pva multi finish?

    Sales of bond it have gone down hill since there patent ? Ran out, everyone makes it now and most at half the price
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    the new thistle no pva multi finish?

    Was down at bg on tue for a look the finish its self is great because of the fine powder and it nice to trowel on , used it over a silk painted ceiling on thu with no problems ! . RRP is 8.49 which is where the biggest problem lies . But the product gets big thumbs up from me ,can't say the...
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    We don't use it anymore , but we used to use high bond and mesh it aswell . Horrible stuff mate wouldn't you be safer with a render board ?
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    Applying a render finish to an external steel Cash Machine housing

    done somthing like this few years back . We spot welded ss eml and rendered with high bond . A lot of work but if this is what they want
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    DIY Render on block

    Fair play for having a go , but as you say you live and learn , get the guys in that know what they are doing .
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    Internal concrete walls of an old reservoir.

    What will it be used for when complete?
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    Ritmo eBay package

    he wont split it i tried to buy compressor from him
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    uni finish cost£££££££

    Doesn't any one but in bulk ? We pay 3 . 90 for multy and 40 p per bead
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    mp 75 setting for ritmo

    good lad
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    mp 75 setting for ritmo

    Does anyone no the correct water setting. Thanks in advance paul
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    Attempt at Quoins (Thanks to Mark Ross)

    Not bad at all lad
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    Parex tv10 mesh

    35 quid from jewsons mate
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    Dash over dash

    + it would help if you give it a good fungal wash 1st
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    Dash over dash

    Webber do a nice overcoat dash receiver its very nice to use and only 6 quid a bag , but your way would be fine but I would put a tight scratch over it 1st
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    advice please

    Only girls use corner beads when dashing
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    advice please

    Try not to use beads if poss , 1st coat it all, leave for a week to cure then put timber round the windows around 8mm depth, render flush with the timber and when that's dry give them a wee tap and remove and you have the perfect angle on the corners you can repeat this process but I'd rather...
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    weber rendaid

    try and cut corners and mistakes are made, pay for the correct materials and do the job right
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    For me I would say encon they stock most of there products
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    putzmeister SP11 DHF

    theres 1 on ebay at the moment ,
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    av3ooo water pump

    Mine arrived today its feckin huge !
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    av3ooo water pump

    I had looked into other pumps goody but the av3000 is the only 1 which would turn its self of when u stoped the machine.
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    Keeping thin coat renders clean while drying.....?

    The only thing I would suggest is a scaffolding with a protective netting wraped round it sheets aren't really an option as they blow around and hit the wall , best of luck
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    Microgobetis application

    Supose it would could get messy though what are you going over ?
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    PFT ZP3 Full Speed ahead

    looks a grand machine mate ,im seriously looking into a screed pump is there 1 you would recommend that would give us a good start
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    i need to get a few bags of this to try , what sort of price should i be paying per bag?
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    av3ooo water pump

    blones just out of interest does the av3000 come ready to go ? all fittings etc
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    Microgobetis application

    We can put it through our machine failing that brush , roller its nice and easy to use .
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    av3ooo water pump

    lets have a bidding war i need 1 to?
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    why do we start on the right?

    Right handers start from the left so to remove the plaster line from the back edge of your trowel
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    av3ooo water pump

    The one I'm having made up is just a standard spray gun with a 300mm extension piece and the offset in simple terms it means I don't stand face on when spraying and with the extension I don't need to use a hop up on single stories. Any way best of luck with your new toy mate I'm sure once you...
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    av3ooo water pump

    just treated myself to one today and a nice new offset spray gun