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    Nela Medi flex

    I've just bought one , use it on last two trowels, use speed skim to flatten in first , quality , but need protection on blade so it dosent get damaged
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    Speedskim knighted

    im old school but just bought 600 speedskim absolute quality. only had it few days so still on a learning curve of how soon to flatten it in but getting there
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    old wooden corner beads

    i think we have all experienced problems leaving beads on no matter if we have used neat pva and scrim. reading comments ive never thought about taking them off but i will b now good advice from the forum cheers
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    mix it up .

    interesting to hear what BG have to say on this matter.i always find difference round about this time of year and again about oct / nov
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    mix it up .

    setting times vary, think bg are changing mix from winter to summer, takes a while to get mix right
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    weidi boards

    always used hammer fixings on insulated boards, reason being insulation melting with heat, and without fixings the boards would leave wall.
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    weidi boards

    yes fixings through dabs as per spec cheers
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    weidi boards

    thanks for welcomes weidi boards are getting mechanically fixed. council recommended weidi boards first time ive come across them cheers
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    weidi boards

    dabbed a shower room out with weidi boards using x7 tile adhesive. would dry wall adhesive done the same job ? x7 dosent cover as much and 3 times the price any thoughts