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    Best way to over come artex ?

    It happens to us all. Pva and bonded an artex ceiling before skimming it. Got a call next day to say it all fell off over night ha ha. Pva and 3 coats of skim and no problems. Havent bonded artex since. Always pva and 3 coats of skim. Never fails.
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    New van

    Not sure to be honnest. They had a couple of builders on that had a transit connect which had been broken into 3 times without damage. Wasnt the new model though.
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    New van

    Dont know if anyone else has seen news before xmas or posted this already, but they were warning transit van owners to be on their guard especially around leeds area. Apparantly theives have been buying a gizmo off amazon that allows them to get into transit vans without breaking in. Some sort...
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    god im sooooooooo borrrrrrred already!!!!!

    Just finished work for xmas and neighbour just came round with xmas card and bottle of wine. Time to start celebrating. Hope you all have a good xmas. Now where's the glasses?
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    WORK 7 DAYS a week ?

    I've always worked 6 days a week with odd Sunday here and there. It's what you get used to. I enjoy what I do or wouldn't do it. My reward is 2 holidays abroad every year and no credit cards or loans apart from mortgage. You get out what you put in when self employed but everyones different. At...
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    Never plastered around sockets in my life. Seen it done and looks like a four year old has done it. Unscrew sockets. Pull forward and cover with sandwich bag to protect sockets and switches and connections. Less to clean up too. I'm sure thats how most do it too.
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    What makes a good plasterers Van...

    Mostly domestics so pick up materials myself. Merchants dont always del on time. Van needs to be 3 mtr in back as easier to carry 8 x 4s and beads. Also needs to cope with weight of materials and tools. Mines a 57 renault master 120mwb 2.5l and 3.5t. Great van. Would have another.
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    Scrim tape gun

    Used a tape gun couple of years ago. Was great for first roll and after that the scrim would get stuck all the time. Chucked it in bin as it took longer.
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    ceiling trowels

    I've got one of those Danny. Got the blood blisters to prove it
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    ceiling trowels

    Not all inventions take off or accepted. Like sky hooks.
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    Used to have a pipe carrier on roof but numptys used to keep breaking into it thinking there was copper pipe in there even though van sign written plastering. Took it off van and now use down pipe inside van. Mwb so can easily fit 3m legnths in.
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    Tiling on screed

    For me i always wait till fully cured or moisture from floor will lift tiles.
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    Trans Tools

    I buy from trans tools and dont have any problems really. Ring them is best. Theyre based in Scarborough and Hunmanby and still going
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    Worn trowels

    Just seen how much lol. Why? Must be something ive missed. Must dig out my old trowels if theres a market for them ha ha
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    looking to become a plasterer

    You cant beat hands on experience. I started labouring for 2 plasterers when i was 18. Everything was hand mixed. S&c mixed with a shovel in a tin bath. Kept me fit lol. If mix was wrong it was thrown back at you to do it again. Hard work but had alot of respect for them and they taught me alot...
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    If in doubt bond it out

    This cant be real. Must be dreaming. Will wake up in a minute and things will be back to normal
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    I had a customer who insisted on finish being polished to f##k even though i explained paint probably wouldnt stick to it. Customer always right?
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    The sad, but true future of modern rendering

    Must admit i keep away from rendering jobs. Was taught s&c and have never used modern renders and dont want to either. I only do domestic plastering and tiling and that has kept me in work for years. Leave modern renderering to those who have the experience and the equiptment to do it.
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    Makita dab. Brilliant radio had a few cheap radios in past and they dont last long before broken. Best radio i had before makita was a ryobi one+ which took quite a few knocks before it died.
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    Artex ceiling question??

    Not to put a downer on this. But you do have to decide yourself. I always overboard if possible. My dad died of asbestosis about 5 years ago aged 65. He worked with it not knowing the dangers of asbestos. So for me its not something to ignore. But saying that, i will overskim artex if i think...
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    Covering scrim

    I was taught with cotton and hessian scrim. Sticky back not as good but does save time. If it doesnt fall off behind you. Always lay over scrim and beads as i go. out of habbit but think it helps
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    uni finish

    Not had chance to use it yet. Goes against the way i was taught years ago and its nearly double the price of multi. Might wait for a small artex ceiling to do to try it
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    Just saying hi

    Cheers Marshy for the screensaver
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    Just saying hi

    Hi thought i should say hi and post on here. Been a member for a while but never posted. Must be a techno phobe thing ha ha. Been plastering for a long time.Must be in my blood as my dad was a joiner and builder. this is a great place for info and ideas.