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  1. hollybank

    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    You should of bagged them up for him!
  2. hollybank

    Plastering over artex photos

    How much was it to remove the artex?
  3. hollybank

    Fire damaged walls

    Smoking in the bedroom after s*x? ;)
  4. hollybank

    9.5mm boards

    Probably on new builds with 600 centers.
  5. hollybank

    Charles bronson.
  6. hollybank

    Re plaster - hallway

    Flogging a dead horse!
  7. hollybank

    Thrive on pressure ....

    I’d rather be at home.
  8. hollybank

    Thrive on pressure ....

    Worked till one o clock today. Filled out bathroom pvad ceiling wouldn’t go off,customer bought a grand big Mac for me at 12.30 ate that and I was written off. Tomorrow’s another day. Motivation has all gone now!
  9. hollybank

    Can Plastering make me Rich?

    I arnt busy at the moment but I pick and choose my work! Just bought this to mess about with to keep my mind occupied.
  10. hollybank

    Can Plastering make me Rich?

    looked at one last week overboaroard over artex in bathroom. there was more brown artex in the s**t pan. not bothered.
  11. hollybank

    Looking for experience?

    Who works at the weekend? Five days is too much in this game!
  12. hollybank

    hold tight

    Answers on a postcard please!
  13. hollybank

    My Patent pending on board mate

    There’s time! Lol @BigBruvOfEnglandUK
  14. hollybank

    My Patent pending on board mate

    Shag pile! Always made us laugh as kids!
  15. hollybank

    My Patent pending on board mate

    f**k that get a board lifter.
  16. hollybank


    Looks like it. Pallets and pallets of bloody multi. Huws gray board finish in stock this morning.
  17. hollybank

    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?

    Just shows how much mark up there is in kitchens!
  18. hollybank

    No seat belt

    Clunk click every trip is how the advert went! Mentioning no names!
  19. hollybank

    No seat belt

    Medically exempt!
  20. hollybank

    Is anyone interested in plastering a small ceiling?

    54 floor. Lift is out of order!
  21. hollybank

    Best ad ever

    Don’t be too long!
  22. hollybank

    Best ad ever

    How about this one?
  23. hollybank

    Cracked plaster options-discussion

    I think you have answered all your questions.
  24. hollybank

    Dot and Dab - damp circles thoughts??

    Trouble is not many can float and set to an agreeable standard it’s all dot and dab now and when the house catches fire it will go up like a tinder box with all these dabs put on Willy nilly. We did a float job on a full room just before Xmas. It was a lot more pleasant to do than dabbing!
  25. hollybank

    @ media wall

    Nothing in this game for two in a bed! @BigBruvOfEnglandUK lol
  26. hollybank

    @ media wall

    Look at what you could of won!
  27. hollybank

    @ media wall

  28. hollybank

    New years same s**t

    Don’t forget to add on the vat.
  29. hollybank

    New years same s**t

    Has the van rolled over?
  30. hollybank

    Happy new year all

    Keep ‘‘em coming.
  31. hollybank


    Things can only get better! Happy new year.
  32. hollybank

    Dot and Dab - damp circles thoughts??

    I’ve seen this after the floor screed was put down. It will dry out eventually.
  33. hollybank

    Dot and Dab - damp circles thoughts??

    My head hurts. Happy new year.
  34. hollybank

    Hello there

    What have they done to you?
  35. hollybank

    Best mixer to buy

    The mega mixer has a fault with the slow start switch in time. It’s just cost my mate £70 to get it fixed.
  36. hollybank

    Job in rugely Staffordshire
  37. hollybank


    It was getting lazy to start after a couple of days sitting on the driveway in that cold snap a couple of weeks ago. I changed it as a precaution and put the old battery on the dumper.
  38. hollybank


    Just changed the battery on my boxer after six years old. Great van.
  39. hollybank


    If you are hell bent on that vehicle get the Renault version, better aftercare in my opinion Vauxhall don’t want to know after 12 months into the warranty. Been there done it.
  40. hollybank

    Looking for advice?

    Hilarious :ROFLMAO:
  41. hollybank

    would you get married again be honest

    Big enough to fill a pram.
  42. hollybank

    Log burner

    All day?
  43. hollybank

    retired at 39

    What would you spend your money on?