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    Real plasterers tradesman

    Plastering for forty years. Yes I do ache. Remember when 3/8th was the norm, even on ceilings. Plunging the skimming. Having a bonfire to thaw the hosepipe. Worst plaster used Welterweight Bonding. Anyone remember that, It was messy. Everyone in the pub friday dinner.
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    Would you skim this?

    Dont forget to put some more screws in the boards.
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    Duraline boards

    Duraline on the ceiling is new to me. You expecting heavy traffic on the ceiling.
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    Back of your van!

    Must be in top three with my load. Had to drive for 2 hours without tuning left. Got to site without a problem.
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    Floor Screed

    "I want to have a go at screeding" Just a whisper but you will also need to get a few bags of self levelling
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    Does this rendering look acceptable?

    And you need to find out if this is acceptable.:wtf:
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    quote of the day

    The Artexer said it will only take an hour to skim my kitchen ceiling so i think £200 is too dear. First day on new site. "When you gonna finish that plot my brother is doing the second fix and sitting in the van waiting to start" Bricky "Can I borrow your skimming trowel I got a bit to do...
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    Hi spreads. I'm looking to purchase "whites" over trousers. Can anyone recommend a shop or website. Due to the many years drinking cider, stella, barley wine etc the size I'm looking for is 58" or 60" waist. Cheers all.
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    Client being funny!!

    Shayplast, sorry to say this, but if it was your house will you be paying the Spreads. I dont think so. There is no way you will get paid. Put it down to experience. We've all messed up even if we dont want to admit it. Many years ago the company I worked for employed a couple of spreads that...
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    How to remove incorrect PVA

    "apply the mortar rendering with some washing up liquid added to it" Another job to sort out. Well at least they keep us in work.
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    Yes f b s Wet the blocks and slap it on
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    Screed pump clogging up, help!??

    What makes you think getting ready mix will solve the problem. Cheaper with Sand and Cement. You still need to shovel it in the pump. How you getting rid of ready mix if you end up blocking the pump again.
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    BG recommend Hardwall on Thermalite
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    Poor standard of funded work

    All this talk about bad workmanship. Is it possible to see any photos
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    Plasterboard Hoist/Lift

    Hire one first to try out. We used one on 3m high ceilings, brilliant bit of kit. If you get on with it get a used one off ebay (cheaper). When the labourer has not turned up again at least you can get on and earn.
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    sika 1????

    Sika 1 best product in its field. Must mix at ten to one in the water as informed. Expensive but buying 25Ltr tub more cost effective. Call sika technical for best cement sand mix
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    Dash Supplier

    Thanks Owls very helpful.
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    Box rules

    Got mine many years ago from Walls and Ceilings, I think Warwick area. At the time they did a 6m edge.
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    Dash Supplier

    Can anyone tell me where the nearest Dash Suppliers are in the Cambs, South Lincs area. I'm looking for white Dash between 3mm to a max 8mm. Thanks