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    First attempt at venetian plaster

    Looks real smart, did you do the 3D wave effect in the room behind too? Or are they pre formed panels
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    apprentice skills

    Shadow him, instead of letting him do it alone at first. I've got an apprentice at the moment working towards his level 3, his skimming ok but everything else needs work. When dabbing I give him a wall to do and il do the other 3 so I'm there if he wants some advice and I can check what he's...
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    My Mural Business

    Pics are on now, nice job
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    My Mural Business

    Same here can't find the album ? ? Good luck with it though
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    New kid on the Block

    You planning to work on domestic or site work? As already mentioned word of mouth recommendations are the best and these have to be earned by being good at your job so leave the customer happy with the best finish your ability will allow and a clean tidy job, they can't ask for much more than...
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    First Venetian job

    Where did you train mate?
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    How would you tackle this?

    Try best of both, dab furring bar to the wall and fix boards to them, saw this method in the BG white book...?
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    MP Finish

    MP takes longer to set and is a lot easier on the arm IMO. Lovely stuff to use once you know how
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    New Website

    EXPLAIN! How a six week course and a "few" completed jobs for friends and family makes you a " well established and reputable plastering business" your photo on your website is not good the skimmed ceiling looks shite filled with troweling fat and water can you learn "all aspects of...
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    wat van to go for

    Where are you from? One of the lads who works for me is selling his connect, think its done bout 100k miles and wants bout £2000 he lives midlands
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    Like for like

    @Captaincaveman like done mate
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    Like for like

    @warriorupnorth like returned
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    Like for like!/pages/Topspec-Interiors-Ltd-Dry-Lining-and-Plastering-specialists/154365934600060 Let me know if this link works please.....
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    british gypsum spray day

    Ok sound just let me know where and when. You can contact me on 07880506509 (Rich)
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    british gypsum spray day

    @currier plastering. Yeah that's a bit closer for me than Kent. When will you be up there? PM me details please or your contact number and il give you a ring to arrange. Thanks
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    ox tools

    Thought I was going mad I read the original post three times ha ha
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    "A handfull of lime"

    Knauf mp is great stuff to use just trowel up with very little or no water
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    "A handfull of lime"

    Nope.... If its a white finish he wants why not use Knauf MP finish?
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    ox tools

    Ignore I've just read that properly lol
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    ox tools

    Your old man fell off a scaffold??
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    ox tools

    I'd never heard of them till seeing this post and liked the look of em so thought I'd give them a go... Well pleased
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    ox tools

    I've brought a set of ox tools and there spot on. Hawks a lot better than MT IMO and all feels well made, aint used the trowel yet but its got a nice feel to it. good bit of kit and not bad priced either. 1800 and 600 level,Hawk,14" trowel,2 bucket trowels, pipe trowel, corner trowel only came...
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    Knauf Drywall Adhesive

    This is similar to how I work, why can't all lads work and cut neatly... I can't understand how some lads work... **** cuts,ruff edges filling out big gaps with dab. It looks **** and only makes the job harder when it gets skimmed
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    british gypsum spray day

    @CurrierPlastering, I'd like to see a ritmo up and running on site being used by someone who knows what there doing. Would you mind me having a nosey?
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    Mixing drill

    Dont bother I had a belle mixer good few years back and it was a pile of shite..... Worst mixer ever
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    Knauf Drywall Adhesive

    Not had any problems, nice stuff to use, are you over mixing it?
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    Hello to all - from quantity surveyor/estimator from london

    Hi mate il keep your number for future reference
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    i have just a had a quick look on and its advertising courses, is this where you trained ? How long did it take you to feel competent at doing your own work for clients? And do you get much call for this type of work? sorry for all the questions lol
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    Same here not really a priority for me but I'm quite artistic and really want to have a go
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    I like the look of gold trowel but I'm struggling to find the time to set aside and do it, think you would need to do at least a week or longer to get a good understanding of the many finishes possible. I had also looked at the polished plaster company course as its a bit closer for me and...
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    hello to one and all

    Welcome, I'm in the process of taking on an apprentice from a college, lets see how it turns out....
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    @raggles, thanks you saved longstroke the bother lol. Have you done a course mate? Or thinking of doing one...
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    Hello from port talbot

    Welcome aboard
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    @LongstrokePlastering, where did you learn Venetian plastering, was it gold trowel?
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    Mixing drill

    Try hand tools express, one of my lads got the 1800w refina for £315
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    Various polished plaster jobs

    Fantastic work mate, I've had a look on you Facebook page too and given a well deserved like :RpS_thumbsup:
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    spill the beans then Danny what they got lined up?
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    MP Finish Kanuf

    Knauf plasters are great, take a little getting used to but I now prefer them to BG.
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    Hi new to you and new to plastering

    Wow you really aint had much luck pal and yet still sound so positive, well best of luck with your plastering and everything else
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    hi from shropshire

    Welcome aboard
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    How the other half live

    A bit OTT in places but prob don't know what else to spend their money on? Even the windows on the front of the property are carved from stone..... Bet that weren't cheap
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    How the other half live

    No mate was a house that got knocked down an replaced with new
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    How the other half live

    It's in shipston on stour, nearly every room in the house has the marble floor and there's 5 bathrooms you would have made a killing. Been a nice job to work on
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    Gap between ceiling and walls

    Was the tiling done before or after the plastering, pics would be helpful if possible? Could you use flexible sealant/ mastic where tile meets ceiling or have the ceiling overboarded and skimmed again to close the gap
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    Good stuff mate nice to hear the forums done you good. Happy days