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  1. K

    Free labour

    Sounds like it
  2. K

    Free labour

    If I just wanted to watch I’d just sit on my arse and stick YouTube on...
  3. K

    Free labour

    We’re did I say I want to watch I want to labour and I’ll put in a shift..and not a free education gonna be doing city and guilds lol everyone stays somewhere don’t they? I’m gonna be working all week and then offering to labour for free on the only days I have off? Not an unfair ask is it ?
  4. K

    Free labour

    Just putting it out there I’m not a kid fresh out of school been in diff trades for over 15 years after I left the forces..just offering free labour lol if I don’t learn much I’ll still gain something just being around it?
  5. K

    Free labour

    Hello I don’t no if anyone in the Welwyn garden city area (Hertfordshire) and looking for a labourer on weekends..not fussed about being payed just wanna learn..will be doing a course in the new year.. cheers
  6. K

    first trowel

    so im about to start a courser...can you use a 14inch marshalltown permashape extra light finishing trowel start to finish???
  7. K

    new to plastering

    im doing a course soon and gone out and baught a trowel...i baught a marshalltown 14inch xtra light permashape finishing trowel..have no idea if it can be used from start to finish...or have i baught the complete wrong trowel?