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    Used Scotrend for a bit but I could never get used to it always found Enewall's cracking stuff
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    Failed render!!!

    don't think Enewall are guaranteeing phenolic anymore, their EPS and PIR are still decent. Probably need another 10mm extra thickness with PIR to get same uvalue as phenolic if youre needing it. would take it all off and start again if it were me
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    K-Rend Crap.

    Cheers @plasterjfe, suppose I better give them a call then.
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    K-Rend Crap.

    Anybody ever used Enewall's scratch render?? recently moved south of the border and scratch seems to be the way to go unlike up north. Used Enewall for a while for dry dash but never the scratch, any opinions??
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    Monocouche/Scratch Render

    Thanks for this, based in Preston now from Glasgow still trying to get used to the accent. I used enewall's dry dash a lot in the past but never their scratch so thought I'd ask since this seems to be the popular one, cheers @Rigsby ... @DaveAndersonREP I've used an acrylic finish before onto...
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    Monocouche/Scratch Render

    Evening folks, Looking to see what peoples opinion is on the best scratch render? only ever done Dry Dash till now but starting out on my own been contacted by Enewall rep for England. any opinions on what it's like?