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    Dot and dab onto tanked wall

    Am applying 2 coats of tanking slurry on to a 9" solid wall, followed by dot and dab insulated plasterboard. Cant use foam as the walll is not level/flat in many places I also want to make my wall vertically level hence dot dab. Do I need to apply a primer onto the dried tanking slurry...
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    Installing insulated board in window reveal

    cheers while i'm on here i've another question if someone doesn't mind! I've had to replace an area of plasterboard on my ceiling, 1800 x 1200 in size. Would you use multifinish or easi fill for this? How would i go about feathering in multifinish into the boards either side? Would i have to...
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    Installing insulated board in window reveal

    Hi, i am installing 38mm insulated PIR board onto 9" solid external wall which will tanked and dot and dabbed (very uneven wall so can't batten or use foam adhesive) How to i go about installing the insulated plasterboard at window and door reveals? Do i have to cut 38mm width off the...