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    Anybody on here into the Rockin scene, just got back from a top weekend at Hemsby. Been into it since I was 16 1986, bloody long time now, still know people from the very first years of going out. From the outside we probably look like a bunch of freaks, but I love it and have made some...
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    Hi I’m russ, not a plasterer, but just a poor bloke who builds houses so has to deal with you lot every now and then. I build a house probably every 10 years and then sell up and move on. Currently on my hopefully forever home, but I might get itchy feet if this country goes any further down...
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    Reinforcing mesh in skim.

    Morning all, I’m just a house builder looking for some knowledge so I can talk to any plasterers looking to work on the house I’m currently building without either sounding like a cock or getting a poor job done. All the work I need doing is skimming over new boards, no due to a cock up on my...