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    Hello to All Members. High quality insulation render and insulation plaster from Bauwer.

    Used bauwer products, easy to use and finish and you can get a good depth on it.
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    Green deal

    Beware Green Deal is going to be a slow burner and don't expect to get flooded with lots of work. Eco will be the priority to start with and we are just seeing the first schemes coming through.
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    EPS waste

    I know that depending upon the system provider you are using for EWI then some have a collection service which you have to pay for, somewhere in the region of 50p a bag and haulage, 150 -200 quid a full load, dependent on location as well. The Knauf Insulation thermoshell system can offer this...
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    is there a certain

    reinforcing mesh should always be part of the system providers specification, however if you are looking at just a render application then a good quality 5mm grid mesh should suffice. With EWI systems generally a 4mm mesh is used due to the reduced aggregate size. The mesh should always be in...