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    Portuguese plaster

    I've been working in Spain on and off the last two years. Took plaster out with us as I didn't like the local gear saying that found the sand cement reasonable. Got to add I've never met anybody lazier than the Spanish. Only word I learned was tomorrow.
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    Multi problems

    I had two areas like that on a cieling one about four inches square the other about size of thumb nail about ten feet apart. They were flat but looked like melted plastic bag painted up alright.
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    Boards on wrong.

    No, the guy just boarded it ,he's a scaffolder don't know if that would explain it. It'll be done next week. Just I've never came across this before.
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    Boards on wrong.

    20 years ago we skimmed on the brown side and artex on white . I can't remember having trouble then scrim the joint and crack on whith the job Can remember that I've been at this 40 years. two boards taped together had to humph them up stairs. Just thought it might have been a different paper...
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    Boards on wrong.

    Thanks , yes told them no gaurentee I was just concerned it might bubble.
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    Boards on wrong.

    Been to price a job and boards are back to front. Can they be skimmed thinking over grit or is there any other options not really an option to reverse them as most of it is angled cuts.
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    Anyone spread for the rich n' famous?

    I've done work for a guy that was involved in that dolly the sheep cloning. This yin was always away to America and Australia to do with cloning. Done work for comedians / MPs/ footballers and what's classed as gangsters. And the biggest c**ts were the MPs.
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    Plastering rendering

    Got into my head i might have known you from a few years back.
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    This Shocked Me.

    I've had this as well , funny thing is they had a figure of £3000. Asked him how he came up with that. Told me he was a business man and he reads up on things. He lives across from me cheers me up when I look over and see the state of it.
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    Plastering rendering

    Do you keep terriers , I know it's nothing to do with this post. ProbAly somebody else Ian thinking about.
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    Any nice pressies of your clients

    Have had £100 twice lots of £10-£20. Two brand new wood burners , taxidermy items. I've had four guns two different customers two from each. A bike and a kids Moter bike.
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    Disgusting Houses

    I've worked in some mingers over the years , latest one had 15 dogs in the house the smell was unreal. Done a house clearance there was over 800 unwashed milk bottles.
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    I worked at one of her relations around the time of the independence vote. They don't even like her. Arrogant cow ! And for that bug eyed b*****d salmond.
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    When It’s Cold Outside Webermineral TF Render Won’t Stop Winter Working

    They're trying to make it look like it's near freezing , should have had 3 inch snoters hanging from his nose and ears as red as a baboons arse , fingers hacked up would have been more realistic.
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    Starting doing roughcasting 27 year ago and the

    First weeks apprentice wage was£9.25. Went up to £10.50 after a couple months, was making over £16 on delivering papers. Ended up working seven days a week for about six months for £22 a week.
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    Uni and bg

    Tried some uni a while back. It was full of white lumps some hard some soft a bit like wet entrinet think that's how you spell it, almost every trowel full had it in it. Managed to sort it in the end but took twice as long . Thought the sell buy date had been changed but b& q swears they didn't...
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    Work boots?

    Just buy cheap riggers / trainers from factory shop £20-£25 and wear them till they fall apart usually last six month to a year.
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    Just joined

    . Board and stand , I use a Perspex panel out of a bus stop and a frame I made from tile baton. Thought a ligger was a cross between a lion and something.
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    Just joined

    Always knew it as a hawk, only recently heard the term hand board.
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    Just joined

    Hi came across this site when I was looking for bg sites. looks interesting.