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    Anybody Needing new work vans??

    What vans have you got no2
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    me plastering after a 2 week courses

    Good video Defo need a hop up mate you'll be fcuked in 6 month
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    Anyone else on a busmans holiday

    4 days off work happy days or so I thought , her indoors has different plans "oh seeing as your off u might aswell get the hall stairs & landing skimmed" oh lovely thanks love anyone else a slave to the trowel this b/h weekend might see u for a pint Sunday tea time :RpS_mad::RpS_mad::RpS_drool:
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    Made me laugh

    Normally every 10 linear metres for brick and block so surely it should be the same for render not 100% on that though :RpS_biggrin: