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    ULEZ and alike

    Oh dear. Oxford city council's claim that ULEZ will reduce congestion and reduce bus journey times turns out to not be the case according to a report that came out after the consultation.
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    I know, Arshi m8.
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    @ media wall

    *boner. Hollywank m8.
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    Is that a leg of lamb in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me, Essex m8?
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    Ball cock

    *boner. m8s
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    Ritmo for sale

    *boner. m8.
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    Ritmo for sale

    *boner. Elite m8.
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    Your expert advice.

    Yeah, it happens over there, m8s.
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    Well done England

    *boner. Stuart m8.
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    Womens football.

    It's the same here in Australia. They go on about Aussie women's football as if it's something special, m8.
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    Renderer from Australia

    I thought it was only the Afghans doing render in Australia now, m8s.
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    Skimming over SBR

    *boner. @Retired Spread @Mouldyoldspudgun and @Cockney1 m8s.
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    Mental health help.

    loky11, is there a councillor that you can speak to? I had a girlfriend in the late 90's-early 200's that was trying to keep off heroin. I had no idea that she had just come off heroin when I met her. She had a respectable job and all that. Anyway, she gradually turned into a nightmare and...
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    *boner. m8s.
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    Site radio

    *boner. m8s.
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    Gyms opening

    *boner. Cockney, m8.
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    Was it John that said he can't eat eggs? Oops!
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    I try to find out what food is causing the problem, rather than trying to find something to reduce or eliminate the pain. Carbs in general are probably not your problem but some carb foods will be. Problem foods are carb/starch foods like spuds, rice, cereals, anything made from wheat such as...
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    Apprentice Adult Plasterer

    *boner. MakeItSmoothm8.
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    Apprentice Adult Plasterer

    *boner. Cockney, m8.
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    New Member

    *boner. m8s.
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    Plastering in Australia

    When we came to Australia our plan was to stay with the mother-in-law in Melbourne for a little while and then probably move up to Queensland but the m-i-l's health had deteriorated a lot since we had last seen her and she needs us nearby so Mrs BigBruvOfEnglandUK can help her. I would like all...
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    Plastering in Australia

    I think there's a good amount of work there and it has one of the better climates, m8.
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    Plastering in Australia

    Yeah, I have heard Perth is all blockwork. Around here it's all timber framed. A lot of people from elsewhere in Australia moved to Perth for work but the work died down a lot a couple of years ago and loads went back to where they came from. I don't know what the current situaion is though, m8.
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    Plastering in Australia

    The Chinese dry lining gangs seem to be mostly young guys on foreign workers visas. Most of them don't speak any English but they often have a foreman that does.
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    Plastering in Australia

    Just outside Frankston. Most of our work is around Cranbourne area. Loads of houses going up, m8.
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    Plastering in Australia

    I live just outside Melbourne. Plastering here is mostly dry lining and mostly by young Chinese lads. Hardly any whites doing it now. Rendering is mostly done by Afghans. I've been here just over 4 years and never done any plastering or rendering. Just brickwork now. It's a police state here...
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    Oooh hello stranger

    Thanks for standing in for me, Monkeym8. *boner
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    *boner. m8s.
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    come on too fuuck

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    Noob: Skimming

    *boner. Hobo, m8
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    Covid peak

    So did we get the one 1/3rd of deaths as being babies, children and teenagers as stated in this clip?
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    would you get married again be honest

    I told you how to do it the other day, m8
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    I always thought this particular forum was for new people to introduce themselves

    Pubs and restaurants are closed. Have been for a couple of weeks or so. Social distancing and no groups of people larger than two. We can still work on site but need to keep our distance. One of the lads I work with got a message from his m8 yesterday, 5 plumbers working on his site just got...
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    I always thought this particular forum was for new people to introduce themselves

    The time is 1805 hrs or 6:05 pm here. We are not as locked downs as the UK yet. People have lost their jobs though, my son in law included.