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    Thanks for the welcome folks. I'll post photos of the build shortly Danny. Oodnadatta is a long way from Brisbane Badvok. Never been there, but it's one of those places that people seem to go to on their round Australia treks, so maybe one day?
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    Looking for info for a second-hand PFT Monojet 2.13

    G'day, Bill here from Brisbane, Australia. I've just purchased a second-hand PFT Monojet 2.13. The machine has seen (much) better days, but it was very cheap and I'm and hoping I can knock it into functional shape for a straw-bale build I'm in the middle of, hence my visit here. For...
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    Hello to all, New forum member here. I'm an owner-builder from Brisbane, Australia, in the middle of straw-bale house build. Bale walls will be rendered with an clay/lime/sand render mix, so hopefully some folks here will be able to pass on some tips. Cheers, Bill.