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  1. krplastering

    Eibenstock power float

    Hi Is anyone selling a battery operated power float please Eibenstock
  2. krplastering

    New upgrade

    I've got 1 in my van.this is the 1 that come with it
  3. krplastering

    New upgrade

  4. krplastering

    Getting Paid

    I must of been really lucky over the last 20years,only ever had a handful of problems but always got my money,95% of the time customers hand me cash and I'm off to the next job,saying that 95% of my work is on recommendation
  5. krplastering

    Thistle magnetic plaster

    Quick question,why would you want magnetic plaster?
  6. krplastering

    sponge floats on multifinnish

    Never done 1 coat in my life and prob never will.unless it's a thick coat can't see how you can the perfect finish I get everytime
  7. krplastering

    The colour of thistle multi finish

    I didn't say I was bored just wanted a change in colour,don't do the knicker draw now I'm well past 20years of age
  8. krplastering

    Pricing to hack off

    If it's to hard to come off leave it on.depending on the size of the job if you charge around £500 depending were you are in the country then a labourer could knock it off in a week/week and a half £500 ish would always cover it.
  9. krplastering

    The colour of thistle multi finish

    does anybody know if you can still get the grey multi finish? I used to use it years ago and it would be nice to use a different colour just to break the week up
  10. krplastering

    Refina plastic super flex trowl.

    i absolutely love this plastic trowl,but it doesent take well to pressure.ive gone through 3 in the last few months,refina have replaced them each time but it always seems to crack over time when pressure is applied.does anybody have the same issues?