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  1. TonyM

    9.5mm boards

    Always try to leave a minimum 5mm gap behind upvc door hinges so the plasterer can get his trowel on
  2. TonyM

    9.5mm boards

    Only use them on reveals if margins differ.
  3. TonyM


    Dump run, hedge trimming and then out on trials bike for a bit.
  4. TonyM

    Novice - Plasterboarding ceiling at 600mm centers.

    The board manufacturers will say 12.5 is ok, but there is still quite a bit of flex if there is no noggin. 15mm would be better to use. Some pozi-joist are 150mm so in essence, the unsupported span is only 450mm
  5. TonyM

    Next job

    Progress . They are skimming it now. Thank f**k for that .
  6. TonyM

    hold tight

    I only work for rich people.
  7. TonyM

    price of a pint where you are

    I have absolutely no idea. I never go into pubs.
  8. TonyM


    Been up cleaning since early doors. Sold my KTM this week so now trawling the internet for a trials bike.
  9. TonyM

    Next job

    Will do. We start in a couple weeks. Just to wear you out, here’s the job I’m on at the moment. It’s a conversion of some old church rooms into 4 maisonettes.
  10. TonyM

    Next job

    Not anymore. Don’t do enough of it so sold them
  11. TonyM

    Next job

    It’s on a farm next to a load of sheds and stuff, but on its own in a decent plot, probably a couple million
  12. TonyM

    Next job

    No. I have 3 other blokes on. But we have other work on, so there will be 2 on this job and 2 elsewhere
  13. TonyM

    Next job

    I f**k**g hate taping now, but I’m getting a good rate, so I’ll do it. They want to keep the moisture down with all that oak around.
  14. TonyM

    Next job

    That’s just the main house. There’s a garage / flat too.
  15. TonyM

    Next job

    Going to be busy for a day or two. Board and tape/joint.
  16. TonyM

    Work Predictions 2023 ...

    Phone’s gone mental this week
  17. TonyM

    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    If you zoom in, you can see Neil Armstrong in the 6th photo. He’s waving from the rim of a crater.
  18. TonyM

    Same s**t, different year

    Very well. It’s great on the thicker cellotex as it cuts straight and true, and with the smoother blade on slab. Thinner cellotex is quicker with a hand saw. Glad I bought it.
  19. TonyM

    Same s**t, different year

    School conversion, Mullion.
  20. TonyM

    Looking for advice?

    Plus, having coloured hair makes you automatically mental.
  21. TonyM

    Looking for advice?

    I take it you’re studying Psychology because you’re mental?
  22. TonyM


    Hired a mini digger and dumper to dig out a base for a workshop. Couldn’t have picked a weekend with worse weather. Treated myself to a takeaway roast from the local pub for tea today though.
  23. TonyM

    Hows business

    Busy as f**k . No let up.
  24. TonyM


    Are you in detention?
  25. TonyM


    Just for a change
  26. TonyM


    I’m f**k**g turning work away
  27. TonyM

    Jointing Trowel

    I use the Nela s*p*r*lex for jointing and its sound.
  28. TonyM

    help on stopping drinking

    Get yourself something else to focus on. My mrs was doing a bottle of wine a night during the week, and a bottle of gin on the weekend. She went to the doctors to be told she was pre-diabetic. She bought a swimming pool and has lost 3 1/2 stone in as many months. We are having a garden building...
  29. TonyM

    barn conversion holiday lets

    Big money in holiday let’s here in Cornwall. My partner was getting £1100 a week for her 2 bed mid terrace overlooking Falmouth harbour.
  30. TonyM

    Plastering over artex hole!

    Was just here laughing at they scenario, and my other half asked me what I was laughing at.
  31. TonyM

    Easy fill kept in a bucket

    The green lid fill and finish is like flint when it sets
  32. TonyM

    Easy fill kept in a bucket

    Easifill is just as expensive as Smartmix. Use BG joint fillet for first coat, and finish with Smartmix (2 coats)
  33. TonyM

    Tiling advice, please

    Rough as f**k
  34. TonyM


    I’m thinking about winding down and de-registering. Can’t be f**k*d with this MTD b*ll***s.
  35. TonyM

    Dot & dab solid bands

    Yes, and also for rad brackets and where the stair string is.
  36. TonyM

    First attempt... and I wish I hadn't...

    Sounds like a scene from a Laurel and Hardy film. Have you got a bowler hat and a Hitler moustache by any chance?
  37. TonyM

    Raving Hot.

    Angle City again!!! Talk about sweaty arse syndrome!
  38. TonyM

    Can this be salvaged?

    f**k**g hell. Good luck getting that corrected. You’re in for a f**k**g argument.
  39. TonyM

    Soak drywall tape or not?

    We used to soak the paper tape for Artex, but not when taping.
  40. TonyM

    140 year old house (advice needed!)

    Just get some Cotina and Anaglypta, or push the boat out and get some Super Fresco. That’ll be fine.
  41. TonyM

    What are you lot up to today?

    50mm thermal board on sloping ceilings and around dormers.
  42. TonyM

    Dewalt fan

    My lad bought one for keeping his dogs cool too
  43. TonyM


    Been at an enduro practice track since 9. It’s f**k**g boiling.
  44. TonyM


    Glossed fascia board on the studio. Now hanging a new door to the lounge. Just having a cuppa and a roll up. It never ends here.
  45. TonyM

    Off chance

    Rates are pretty good down here to be fair.
  46. TonyM


    Done a massive dump run, van full to top. Fitted two new toilet seats. Put a kitchen unit door back on after removing integrated fridge. Put up new kitchen light. Tidied up after messy roofers finished. Tidied and organised van ready for tomorrow. About to clean and lube the chain on my KTM...
  47. TonyM

    Trains .

    Who the f**k uses trains except city c**ts?
  48. TonyM


    Last day of the festival today. Home tomorrow night. Back to work Wednesday .