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    Silicone render attracting flies and insects

    they flock to wet silicone for some reason
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    FASSA Ki7 Issues

    never had a problem before. or know of one. as mentioned did you leave it to cure. is the air dry and temp above 5 degrees when you topped and for some time after? what have you been rendering?
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    Which render on a bungaroosh wall?

    i would use best of lime. prebagged warmcote
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    Silicone render

    airvents below dpc are for airflow under the floor. not the cavity mate. you can put an xps board and render below dpc pal. and extend the vents
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    Silicone render

    there wont be a draught. the whole facade will be lined with insulation
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    Silicone render

    its all to do with the dew point. you want the warm contact as far out of building as poss. so clearing cavity brings dew point to outside. reducing risk of condensation
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    Silicone render

    if its sound then yes. if cracked or any areas look/sound blown then take off
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    Leaving EWI exposed ?

    why are you leaving it months?
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    Scraped render

    hack off and redo
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    Fixings for mineral wool

    cant be much board left after that
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    Hp12 base coat with weber

    i would. its only gloryfied sand cement
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    Please help. Don’t know what to do or where to turn

    either way works gotta be done. insurance or no insurance
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    Fine coat angle bead for arch window with chamfered reveals - Does it exist?

    10mm bell bead. .stopboead looks w nk as its 10mm flat surface where bell bead is chanferred
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    Please help. Don’t know what to do or where to turn

    get someone in to quote the works. contact insurance company and provide them info of damage and costs. done right thing removeing water damaged boards. keep humidifiers on
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    external renderer wanted

    Hi Lukas please email with all your company details and aspects you cover. Thanks Dan
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    Silicone 1.5

    direct application
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    Silicone 1.5

    yes its easy. takes a while to go off as no suction. but make sure no big chunks taken out of it. needs uniform surface to recoat
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    external renderer wanted

    Looking for a full time renderer to join the team must be expierenced in ewi and scratch render. driving license is essential. poss paye position for right person. also looking for render gangs to take on a per per per price basis. works in hampshire and surrounding counties
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    Finally managed to get out.

    shes a beaut....... the fish aint bad either.......
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    How long can i leave basecoat ?

    you really dont want to topcoat on a new paving. basecoat is left a min of 7 days. no real time limit on finishing but quicker the better really
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    What is this roof tile called?

    they are mainly used for tilehanging round our way mate.. as steve said get new. size your newbuild be if you end up short youll be bolloxed
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    What is this roof tile called?

    they are marleys by looks of it.
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    Advice on

    it is good. must leave 24hrs before skim
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    Difference between Fassa KI7 and KC1?

    i think aslong as your sensible with whatever material youll be fine. use proper primers/ baecoats for the right job. ive never had any major failures on any system. only minor user errors
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    Cleaning render stains

    ffs .lol danny needs to make the dates of.posts bigger!
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    Cleaning render stains

    depends what system scratch yes you can. silicone no esp.4 days old will need clean water and paint brush
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    Hanson site mate
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    Help!!! Render completely frozen

    wow must admit never seen that much ice on a wall. you must have very exposed wall or water running down it
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    Help!!! Render completely frozen

    30th of october will be fine. its silicone so moisture will sit o the surface rather than penetrate like sand cement. every surface with any sort of moisture will freeze at minute. will just warm up and run off
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    Planning approved!!!

    looks a nice one... fair play
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    External, cold North facing walls wet

    internal or external wall insulation as stated. wykamol do an adhesive membrane internally and skim for condensation walls aswell
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    Liquid Screed for the DIYer

    cheers mate. weve done plenty bagged screeds by hand and ritmo
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    Liquid Screed for the DIYer

    depends what thickness/substrate. message me dan ill advise you pal.
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    Developer re-rendering (Krend) my front wall or not as the case may be !

    80 to do!!!!!!!!. that is a big f up. so i think taken so long as developer would be going through insurance.. tbh i.dont rate krend.. the fact you had a window and no one showed will be down to fact that will be time used to finish ones before you. you cant stick to.dates for external...
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    What is this plaster?

    there is no way you will be able to remove the render and leave brickwork.. will damage
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    EWI Pro thin coat question

    this temp leave 7 days and 24hrs after priming. temps 5 to 10 degrees leave longer before priming
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    Drilling through silicone

    i do next day. just have clean water and paint brush next to you. brush down any dust straight away. if i have time i drill before topping while waiting for primer to pick up
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    Ritmo for sale

    some pics. price and location would help..
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    Jub silicone

    everyone will charge delivery... pallet usually around 75quid plus vat
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    Jub silicone

    get direct from jub. amaroc direct build products. all deliver nationwide
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    Prefered float on adhesive

    i spat ouur basecoats.. sponge ocr.
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    The Garden Building build :D

    trench dig around the perimeter and step up the dig in the middle so when you pour for footings you step up for the internal area
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    What self levelling to use over ka tanking slurry

    primer the floor weber lay it. cementous so chemical cure they have a liquid dpm so not much different
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    Will a gap between render and fascia cause damp issues/blow the new render?

    not really knowing what you are expecting. its a retrofit. the renderer has done his best to get up behind it. if you are that worried you can put new facia up.
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    Tc15 water or no water ??

    horrible topcoat. uses so much water. you want it reall.pissy wet
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    Airless paint sprayers for machine tool use?

    you do know this is plastering not painting forum? prob best off trying on their forum