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  1. Stewie03

    Plaster over artex ceiling

    Your very methodical mate
  2. Stewie03

    Bathroom reno

    Just tell them it will cost more to render and go back to using hardwall
  3. Stewie03

    Rolling Gauge

    Haha I skimmed a kitchen ceiling about a month ago crack along the width of the ceiling told the fella I’ll look into that crack seems odd he was like nah no worries mate so I bed abit of render mesh onto it when I’m skimming it 2 days later he rings me up he said great job stew but that cracks...
  4. Stewie03

    Rolling Gauge

    Susspose it’s doable if you got another lad with ya doing the mixing and putting abit on but on your own f**k that I would rather just do one ceiling at a time on me own,then sweat me b*ll***s off trying to get three on and in and out of rooms flattening and wet trowelling and all the other...
  5. Stewie03

    Which render on a bungaroosh wall?

    Bungaroosh that horrible s**t mixed with sand salts stones bricks wood flip flops 2pence coins carrier bags I would of thought a lime render is the only option but god knows @themucky1
  6. Stewie03

    Rolling Gauge

    Extra time sachets has probably put an end to rolling guages
  7. Stewie03

    Anyone else doing a Sunday this week?

    Not me I was at church at 11 this morning
  8. Stewie03

    Damage to walls after windows installation

    He’s spent the budget on new windows plastering always a last thought mush
  9. Stewie03

    Rolling Gauge

    He should of sheeted up the bathroom and let the lad have a go on that small ceiling while he did the big one instead of rolling gauges
  10. Stewie03

    My coving

    f**k**g hell there’s more screws than belmarsh prison there
  11. Stewie03

    Plaster over existing render

    If the scratch coat on the old base coat is none exisistent I will do it,but that costs extra if you know what I mean mucky ;)
  12. Stewie03

    What is best

    Whichever it’s up to you both methods can be used
  13. Stewie03

    Plaster over existing render

    Personally if it was me doing it for a client I would bonding coat the walls and give it a Devil float just for good measure really belts and braces then skim it,but there’s nothing wrong doing it the way @Steve Brown has said either
  14. Stewie03

    Plaster over existing render

    A but of diy plastering is a patch here and there that is not diy mate you got no chance trying to do that yourself
  15. Stewie03

    Advice on insulated plasterboard around copper pipes and cables

    After having a proper ding dong with him I thought I better back down before a Toyota Prius turns up with 5 of his brothers in it
  16. Stewie03

    Advice on insulated plasterboard around copper pipes and cables

    I had it a couple of years ago on an extension I was arguing with the plumber when I turned up as the homeowner told me he was chasing the pipes in the wall and the lazy c**t had wacked all copper pipes and brackets on the walls I had to dab off cut pieces into the smallest areas to pack it out...
  17. Stewie03

    I wanna be a spread

    Become a spark less strenuous and more cash
  18. Stewie03

    Refina finatex trowel

    I had the finatex1 probably about 5 years ago now
  19. Stewie03

    House Painting

    His rooms are upside down norm
  20. Stewie03

    House Painting

    To address your issue the first thing you need to do is f**k off on to the painters forum soppy b*ll***s
  21. Stewie03

    Refina finatex trowel

    I had one years ago a 12” one for the lad working with me I used it for a while to break it in for him it’s decent but prefer marshalltown
  22. Stewie03

    What's the best way to deal with these walls assuming I want to decorate them?

    take the lot back lath and plaster is f**k*d you won’t have to worry about it again once it’s all done unless you get a cowboy in
  23. Stewie03

    Anyone Looking to take on a new plasterer in suffolk area co10?

    I’m that cheeky finger your missus likes on weekends sorry pal (y)
  24. Stewie03

    Red brick

    Paint the other half
  25. Stewie03

    9.5mm boards

    Just less uneven
  26. Stewie03

    Dot and Dab Alternative

    f**k me just get it wet plastered
  27. Stewie03

    Awkward t**t

    That translates as Singapore noodles
  28. Stewie03

    Feeling a bit emotional

    I take it this poor guy didn’t make it onto your potato list
  29. Stewie03

    Dot and Dab Alternative

    On account of offending any Irish on here
  30. Stewie03


    It’s hard to say depends on the straw how compact is it how much damage is there to the straw that stramit is a right bitch most likely the boards have only been fixed to two horizontal studs top&bottom
  31. Stewie03

    External angle bead

    The angle bead
  32. Stewie03

    Refina s*p*r*lex 2

    It’s not needed an eggshell finish is all you need
  33. Stewie03

    External angle bead

    I don’t think this course covered any aspect of rendering :LOL:
  34. Stewie03


    Tiler will sort it
  35. Stewie03

    External angle bead

    Like the basics of how to stick and level your external beads,if your going to use sand&cement which you probably will end up asking in here what are the mix ratios your best off just using a ocr
  36. Stewie03

    Help info needed

    As Steve said if u want to cut costs keep the bath and sink in get it plasterboarded with standard plasterboard and skim would be the cheapest way or plasterboarded with moisture resistant boards abit more extra on top if you go with those boards
  37. Stewie03

    Help info needed

    Where you situated I’ll do it for £350 and a shepherds pie
  38. Stewie03

    This is what you get

    Lord Jesus loves a trier
  39. Stewie03

    How to fix this crack?

    Is there any hairline cracks on the other walls
  40. Stewie03

    How to rectify this?

    Who did the plastering