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  1. SkyBlueGraham

    around the world

    This guy is a diamond, a down to earth fella with a worth a peak, no frills (to his disappointment) guide.
  2. SkyBlueGraham

    How bad is this plastering?

    Yh& still i am certain most the guys this forum have been called in at least one time to put right what a dodgy mutt did, fyi guys if you ain't had this yet when you do be sure to wear a stained shirt if you have, the distrought wife's tears bring them out lovely, softens the blow of having to...
  3. SkyBlueGraham

    How bad is this plastering?

    I agree but to add balance some people are genuinely naive and trust the contractor to be competent. In this case its fair to consider the client has had second thoughts about the character of the work men & sought opinion from a trusted & reputable source. If Danny and Marshy can clearly see...
  4. SkyBlueGraham

    How bad is this plastering?

    Either your camera resolution is low, or more likely my screen is having difficulty, from what I can make out it looks rough, as if both doesn't quite know what he is doing nor actually care.
  5. SkyBlueGraham

    Am I taking the piss ?

    Its an old fashioned term used by the underworld to mean they was on their toes to Spain after a heist, thats what I reckon anyways but bever heard Ray Winstone use it.
  6. SkyBlueGraham

    TOTAL NOVICE.. (any advice appreciated!)

    You cant just get a cscs card (well legitamatly read the thread on this forum) you will need to gain the accreditation including modern equivalents of the City and Guilds craft & advanced certificates, look up the full requirements on the cscs scheme website, sorry I dont have a link for it but...
  7. SkyBlueGraham

    TOTAL NOVICE.. (any advice appreciated!)

    I would do the course for a while, be warned though in modern times many training centres are just dumping grounds for the gov't to dump youngsters to massage the unemployment figures. However it will help give a basic understanding of the jobs key tasks, give you access to materials so you gain...
  8. SkyBlueGraham

    Travelling To Work ‘Is Work’… European Court Rules

    So cut some slack with the bed joint detailing.
  9. SkyBlueGraham

    Travelling To Work ‘Is Work’… European Court Rules

    I started serving my apprenticeship as a Bricklayer in Manchester, indentured to a small company I received tool money of £2.75 and regardless of where we where working or despite the fact that at 16 I was often chauffeured in a company vehicle I was paid travel allowance cant recall it ever...
  10. SkyBlueGraham

    The Plaisterers’ Training Awards 2015

    Who was there? Anyone ask what size float she preferred? Looks that me like she maybe an ashlar specialist.
  11. SkyBlueGraham

    Buying tools

    Thats the retort of a total douche. You price to include the wear and tear, replacement etc of tools, your accountant will help you recoup some of the initial outlay being in anyway responsible for depriving a man of his livelihood deserves a beating or more, buying them has encouraged the...