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    Render over tanking membrane

    Anyone used ocr on tanking membrane in light wells?
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    Plastering gang needed in Nottingham

    Hello, I've been working in London for the last 20 years and thinking of moving back up north. Could you give me an indication of how much you earn and if there's much work up that way ? If you could give me a call that would be even better! Thanks Ian. 07828927271.
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    Plastering jobs Kent

    Hello! Does anybody know if it's easy enough to pick up work in Kent?? I have plenty of work in London but thinking of relocating! Thanks!
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    New gang or join up kent and surrounding

    Hello Paddy, I was just wandering how you are getting on in Kent ? I'm also thinking of relocating to Kent from London, I have about 18 years experience own van etc. I have no shortage of work in London but it's the cost of housing. Have you picked up work easy enough in Kent? thanks Ian.