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    Plasterers clothing

    Navy logo polo shirt, navy joggers from primark £5, steel toe boots. pack of 5 white t-shirts £10 on eBay for summer. Won't put them thick trousers on, too warm, can't move in them, pockets are awful, expensive and uncomfortable
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    Lithium cordless

    Dont know exactly what job it's for but I had a brand new milwaukee 12v 2 batteries case and charger for FREE. Just for opening an account with howdens. They had a deal at the time. It's a brilliant drill perfect for plasterboarding. Roughly £100 on eBay I also have a 18v Makita impact drill...
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    Why is is Called a Hawk?

    Hawk!!! South Wales
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    Good Morning TPF

    Taking my 3yr old soon to be 4 boy to legoland for his birthday tomoz :)
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    hahahaa, tha was funny
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    Eml fixing

    thank you :)
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    TOOLS FOR PLASTERING, secrets and tips!!!!!

    just wondering if people know where for some good deals for plastering tools? is there a certain web site or shop u always visit for your tools? example: like i picked a few 6" brushes up from 'the range' the other day. £3 each, they good for cleaning tools and seem to get better over time, i...
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    plastering over vinyl matt paint!

    bit late but, scrape off any loose paint, very strong pva, not quite neat tho, add sand and paint it up, have sponge and water ready to wash splashes off quick, cause its a nightmare to clean when it goes off
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    best pva if you want to pva it day before

    if u pva day before, it will be dry the next day, but at least the suction of the wall will still be sealed so it will still be ok for skimming. tbh i prefer putting sand with my pva because when it dries it gives u a lovely key epecially on silk walls where u need the key, that is best left...
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    best pva if you want to pva it day before

    if u pva day before it will be dry next day, but at least the suction on the wall will be sealed. so there be no problem skimming. tbh, i prefer putting a little sand with my pva so when it dries u get a lovely key for skim especially over silk walls where u need the key. that is best left over...
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    Eml fixing

    i metal lathed a shed today, 28m2 using, 6mm bit, red plugs and 40mm roofing felt nails, hammering them into plug and bending them over keeping the mesh tout. i had a box of them plastic 'mushroom' plugs in the van aswell, they did come into my mind but i didnt try them. i will next time they...