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  1. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    Can't believe how prices have dipped since I was last on site,some 10yrs ago.
  2. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    As soon as my firm start messing with my money I probably will have to take the hit and sort a van out etc. What sort of rates you getting nowadays bud?
  3. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    Glad to hear work runs ok,am employed at minute but seriously thinking of going on ma own again
  4. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    Hi Andrew how's the work front?
  5. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    Ta malc....I might be on the look out for a gang to jump in on soon lol
  6. spread1970

    Ay up from Wakefield

    Been a while since I've posted on here so I thought I'd say hello. By the way,any one from the Leeds Wakefield areas?
  7. spread1970

    Hope ups

    Cheers pricey,I'll call them tomorrow.. Look like they can load 200kg +
  8. spread1970

    Hope ups

    We have to take into consideration load weight as well as the other guys actual weight.looked at refina but as you say they longer have them on their website.a firm from Sheffield were manufacturing something similar but they seem like they have gone bust. Just wondered if you guys had any thing...
  9. spread1970

    Hope ups

    Need hop ups really..and they are for the larger framed plasterer... Commonly known as fat bastards
  10. spread1970

    Hope ups

    Hiya mara's Anyone got or know where to it can get hold of some heavy duty hope ups...need to hold over 200kg. Ta
  11. spread1970

    Your opinion ;-)

    Mix neat pva into bonding from time to time,goes off like a train
  12. spread1970

    Damp probs

    Carlite acts like a sponge..quickest option is to for a week to draw any moisture out from wall area...
  13. spread1970

    Your opinion ;-)

    Just being polite ;-)
  14. spread1970

    Your opinion ;-)

    Not had any comebacks tbh,but always good to hear some informed opinions. Cheers
  15. spread1970

    Your opinion ;-)

    I know the benefits but I keep getting told that cement will blow the gypsum:-P
  16. spread1970

    Your opinion ;-)

    Can cement be added to Carlite bonding without any adverse affects?:-)
  17. spread1970

    Beat damp in a day with Safeguard Dryzone

    Should read. Dpc not doc :-S
  18. spread1970

    Beat damp in a day with Safeguard Dryzone

    We use the cream to reinforce the doc,then tank internal brickwork float with a product called kmix...**** if there is a few inches to build out(reveals especially)so would like more info plz:-D
  19. spread1970

    Hi guys

    Hey folks,I've been away from forum for a good while but now I've just discovered the android app so hope to participate soon. Power to ya elbows:-D
  20. spread1970

    Merry Christmas Everybody :-)

    Have a very Merry Christmas one and all. Graham
  21. spread1970

    Quality of work in England

    7yr or so ago i worked for a guy doing refurbs to studant accom in leeds.these were teraced houses,turning them into flats.we were getting about 2grand per house.a firm were doing the same for the developer in the next street....the''spreads'' were charging 1grand,the walls were one coated then...
  22. spread1970

    Has this been done right?

    for what its worth it is possible to tile on tiles,a pva type of glue is applied,then 24hrs away ya go.
  23. spread1970

    Hardwall questions

    or maybe yours.....:RpS_blink:
  24. spread1970

    plastering trade

    i'm in love wi kent builders avatar:RpS_wub:
  25. spread1970

    Pins and needles in my hands.

    ffs its whats called a pinched it.....fukin dehydration..!!!...:RpS_lol:
  26. spread1970

    Pins and needles in my hands.

    i thought it was at first,but doc says if its only ya lil finger and ring finger its not carpool tunnel just a traped nerve.
  27. spread1970

    Pins and needles in my hands.

    got same as you dannymac,physio says its a traped nerve,somewhere in the excersise to do is to pull ya fingers back towards ya wrist,the idea is that it stretches the nerve running down the side of the hand.
  28. spread1970

    Boarding over Artex ceiling containing Asbestos

    and if its a lath n plaster ceiling youll have hours of fun....:RpS_lol:
  29. spread1970

    Bitter old spreads

    feel for ya mate....and agree.
  30. spread1970

    tennis elbow wish it would go away

    top tip...use a straw,or go see a decent me doctors are shite wi work related injuries.if ya self-employed am sure ya could claim it back as expensies:RpS_thumbup:
  31. spread1970

    Soon be that time of year

    i'm gona be sick.....:RpS_scared:
  32. spread1970

    1,500 m in Brittany

    not bad but for breakfast?dirty bastards:rolleyes)
  33. spread1970

    damp proofing

    internal waste pipe may be leaking...there fukers.
  34. spread1970

    Hi from Oz

    g'day bruce:RpS_thumbup:
  35. spread1970

    New here ! where 2 go ?

    try yur local council/housing,ya never know they maybe taking apprentices.our lot are,training them in house too...last year Tom got into the national finnals...came 3rd.
  36. spread1970

    Fixing stop beads

    its not herds fault,bloody course:RpS_thumbdn:
  37. spread1970

    Time between 1st and 2nd skim coat

    if you wana glass it just keep splashing clean water on and cross trowel.
  38. spread1970

    Fixing stop beads

    what do they teach these the hell can ya plumb a bead nailing it up?:RpS_cursing:
  39. spread1970

    Soon be that time of year

    ......probably not:RpS_scared:
  40. spread1970

    plasterboard joints

    never had ridges,get piles now and then:RpS_blink:
  41. spread1970

    how far are you willing to travel

    lived near coventry,got working wi a gang,had two months up in Darlo.....started at 7.30 after a good breaky...finnished at 8pm...back to digs...6 lads on piss....came home owing govna 60quid:RpS_biggrin:
  42. spread1970

    Introduce myself

  43. spread1970

    1,500 m in Brittany

    did you eat croisants and drink hot chocolate for breakfast while you were over there?
  44. spread1970

    Shoulder hurting? Tennis elbow?

    speak for ya sen:RpS_biggrin:
  45. spread1970

    cscs card

    crem' of tartar:RpS_thumbup:
  46. spread1970

    cscs card

    i work with alot of pricks and a few c*nts,so probably right.
  47. spread1970

    cscs card

    argh...thats cool:RpS_thumbup: