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    Self employed course fees

    I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. My course is costing me almost 2k incl Vat. I haven't been self employed long so I'm not entirely sure how it works with claiming money back when I do my tax return next year. Will I get much of my course fee back? Most of it or just...
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    Looking for weekend work Kent/South east

    Im 28 And looking to get into Plastering . I have a course lined up with Able skills hopefully starting soon . I'm self employed what I am looking for at the Moment is for someone to take me on as apprentice or I am looking to work the odd weekend when i'm not training Free of charge! and maybe...
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    good morning

    Hi, New to the forum. I've been a Labourer for far too long now I'm 28 and seriously need to get a trade I'm not a Plasterer but I'm looking to start a course soon with Able skills 6 wk course. I'm looking for someone in the South east Kent area willing to give me a few odd weekends work so I...