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    imer group step 120 plastering machine.

    hi there are many makes and models for sand and cement you will need a diesel machine,if its for plastering a putzmeister sp11 or if its for floor screed you will need a putzmeister m760
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    Screeding tools,equipment.

    give me a call got the genuine ones 07928917300
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    Putzmeister for sale

    yes thank you as soon as you have the info e-mail me regards
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    Putzmeister for sale

    Putzmeister SP11 TOP CONDITION any of you lads interested
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    lancy mix jet diesel pump

    im interested can you get him to e-mail me some pics,serial number,hours etc
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    which machine

    yes its a diesel machine you want,Putzmeisters are usually the most expensive but the best in my opinion.the test is always when you are pumping over 40metres.the rotors/stators which are the parts that push the material through the hoses are in general the same but its the engine torque which...
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    utiform quattro

    yes there is a cheap option e-mail me on and i will e-mail you the manufactuers details its an air powered hopper gun will do thin coats down to paints
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    pea gravel then screed oys doys

    only economicial if you are pumping bagged material.if you are on a job that that bagged material and the supplier of the material is specified as ready mix is alraedy a lot cheaper than bagged material it would not pay when pumping it.if you are useing bagged material if you can save yourself...
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    putzmeister gipsomat

    no problem with supply of new or used putzmeisters or parts, that is the best of delaing with a long estabilished company.not always the cheapest but always there just let me know what you are after i have the contacts have you looked at the MP25 Putzmeister
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    putzmeister gipsomat

    what do you want to know about them?
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    pea gravel then screed oys doys

    yes as a pump hirer i have often in the past pumped onto pea need good floor preperation,the floor you are pumping onto needs to be scabbled or blasted then primed with a good sealer/primer,apply stones and again prime following manufactuers instructions,let dry and then pump the...
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    Hi Spunky are you looking to purchase one ?if you had a machine what would you use it for?
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    warning to all electric machine users. you must use the correct protection when using electric machines,if you are powering a 3phase machine.start with an RCD unit at the source of insert an Rcd unit at the wall or into the generator.the machine you are using should also have its own...
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    plastering Machine, worthy investment??

    plastering/rendering machines,electric or diesel require a level of skill at the end of the hose.there are single mixers or duo-mixers in electric,some renders need the twin mixing before they enter the delivery hoses.remember you can also do liquid floor screeds,grouting or fire protection...
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    what machine

    putzparts :RpS_laugh: the best machine is a Putzmeister SP11,if you are going to be mixing/spraying a lot of will do sand/cement,bagged render or you can do liquid floor screeds,electric machines are generally used for bagged materials where you can get close to your work,all...
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    new member

    only if you live in the west,
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    new member

    just joined i am Putzparts i have 30 years experiance in the hire and sales of screeding/plastering machines,if i can help anyone just leave a message.
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    are you looking to purchase a machine?