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    Irish_Spread Needs Some Help

    Sorry lads Phat thumb here Im irish aswell...
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    Cardiff / supplier help needed

    Sorry Must off been my fat fingers mate
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    Ashlar lines in render how too?

    Where can you buy that☝️
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Ha ha....sorted now...thanks
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Giz a ring ...07983213473
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Yes...i was let down last know the score....
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Nah...i always two coat lol
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Its in the midlands area
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    2 lads for rest off this week

    Hi lads....need 2 lads for a chuck on a job for the rest off the week...Need to have the usual cscs cards ppe...its skimming boards by the your details Thanks
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    Is the modern rendering sustems easier or harder than the old ways? But

    He will be back begging for his should have been harder on him when he missed the first monday.....any off my lads miss a monday....they can take the rest off the week off.....your trying to run a business not a creche
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    Hawks & handboards

    Have a marshalltown magnesium hawk probably 10 years or so.....never went outta shape yet and i use sand/cement nearly every buy ever for me
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    Ashlar tool..

    Think it was home- in the process of getting on made..its going to be made outta stainless steel...costing around £200 including the cutting tool..
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    Whats going on with plastering rates ? Is tape and joint coming back into fashion ?

    Too many clowns doing a weeks course and greedy builders giving them a start!!!
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    Ashlar beads or Ashlar cuts ..??

    Does anybody know where paul got that cutter made?..
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    london murder of builder

    Anybody that walks around with a knife is only looking trouble...the world is fu##ed up at present
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    london murder of builder

    They should bring back hanging...
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    Nvq level 3

    What requirements fo you need for the gold card?...
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop News

    Hope it goes well..really good service..
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    3-4 guys needed for a 5 days

    Any takers..could tun into another 6 month project in west brom...
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    3-4 guys needed for a 5 days

    Hi lads...need a 3-4 guys to give me a hand scrimming and top coating a school in coventry me for all the details....thanks gaz
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    1 mm plastic textured float

    Hi lads...any one know where to get a a 1 mm vinyl float for textured finish..tried ebay, but only can find 3 mm ones ....thanks
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    Mouldings for EWI

    Sorry kingspanspringvale .com/canamould
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    Mouldings for EWI

    404 - File or directory not found.... Thats who ive used in the past...
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    Poor standard of funded work

    Holy crap..thats poor workmanship..
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    2 spreads for patch-work in crewe...

    Its day rate btw...handy few weeks work for a couple of lads...
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    2 spreads for patch-work in crewe...

    Hi... Im looking for 2 spreads for patchwork in crewe...need cscs cards,utr number...probably2-3 weeks gaz 07544788051
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    Words of wisdom

    Even when I'm wrong...I'm still right...
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    opinions on future of ewi???

    Ewi is finished...I was to start a job in crewe.. On Monday morning the funding was pulled ..over 30 houses scaffolded have to be took down...has the pot run dry?...
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    monocouche Render

    Give this guy a bell...he done the externals on a job I was on class work....07544788051...gaz
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    spread based in the midlands

    No never a dog..... done a wee mouse once though.... It was tight lol...
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    spread based in the midlands

    I one coated a wall in the u.s...there was 1.5 million sq mtrs...i had it on for 10 o'clock tea...i can confirm this if you fly me back to the u.s. lol.......Thanks everybody for the warm welcomes...
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    spread based in the midlands

    Yes...done alot of ewi, stucco,parex and render...came home because of all the hype surrounding this green deal money...i've just finished a contract in birmingham (ewi) works...seems to have slowed down until funding is released...hence why i'm being a keyboard warrior today...
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    spread based in the midlands

    im living in lichfield...i came back from the u.s. 2 years ago...i've no specialist subject..just an all-rounder... nah i 2 coat always...just thought one coat was a better name lol...
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    spread based in the midlands

    Hi all....great forum....its interesting fellow spreads take on some materials....remember tighter the price...tighter the coat.. :RpS_biggrin: