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    Hopper for Tyrolean

    Hi everyone,,I have a big render/Tyrolean job to do and I was thinking about investing in a sprayer. The refina hopper looks good for the money just wondering if anyone has used or brought one? If so what compressor do you use? Cheers
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    Krend- patching under window

    That's pretty much how I thought about doing it to be honest. Cheers for your help
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    Krend- patching under window

    Hi there I know patching any mono render can sometimes almost be impossible but I have been asked by a window fitter to try and repair under the window. It will be hacked off and a clean cut from the window sill down around 400mm to the bead. I have made him aware that mono upto mono with out a...
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    Polished plastering

    Hi all For a long while I have been itching to get into polished plaster but really don't know what the best way is to getting into it. There is the the beginner courses I have seen but I always have reservations about these with not knowing anyone who has been on one. Any advice and info would...
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    K-rend thin coat

    Cheers guys that's what I expected to hear,,i wont tackle it by myself they will have to wait loo
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    K-rend thin coat

    I have a bit of experience with thin coat render as the job I've been on had some balcony ceilings done and it all went ok(in the end). Thing is now I've been given a house to do and I'm just concerned about how it bits together on each lift of the scaffold on big walls! I'm not thinking about...