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    Detached rendered house, kango and replaster

    Thinking that. Cheers pal. Lets hope the key is good when I have it off. Would you recommend a slurry coat or eml for a key before scratch coat
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    Rendering over painted render

    whats parex guys,
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    Detached rendered house, kango and replaster

    Guys, have any of you ever been requested to strip of a rendered smooth house and re-plastered. The Plaster is badly cracking all over (hazing) and is boast in a lot of parts. The customer wants it stripped off with a kango and a new scratch coat and a rubbed up smooth render coat, Is there an...
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    speedskim st600 blade

    Does anyone actually use a Marshal town only all the way through. I think I might start off with a Nela trowel and maybe go for the other tools later. At what stage should I use a Nela s*p*r*lex
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    Raised base

    Definitely looks better than a normal 45 degree base. Pity there wasn't a tool designed for cutting it.
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    What size is it. Do you use it on the last trowel
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    Raised base

    Could be onto something. A new base invented. Might try this on the next house. That will look good when its painted.
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    More crazing

    For me it happens when there is too much cement in the miX
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    Stolen tools

    Send Danny after the them. If he cant find them chuck Norris has no chance
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    Danny is the Chuck Norris of plastering

    Imagine chuck Norris landed on this site reading this thread. He be crapping himself if he met Danny
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    Wee vid

    When I seen 2 ladies I though no chance. But they did great. Some creeps out there would pay to watch it too.$$$$
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    Danny is the Chuck Norris of plastering

    I heard Danny shits TPF mugs
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    Danny is the Chuck Norris of plastering

    Thats how Danny rolls into the building site at the time of his liking
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    Danny is the Chuck Norris of plastering

    When Danny is on the tools he has chuck Norris on speed dial for a standby labourer
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    Raised base depth.

    Inch and 1/2 be grand. 2 scratch coats and a final. U could put eml on the 2nd scratch coat.
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    Danny is the Chuck Norris of plastering

    I heard Danny’s new baby is all ready got his NVQ L3
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    Cracks in rendering - should it be repaired? Redone?

    Def not a new build. Prob do no harm leaving the walls the way they are but look as rough as a badgers arse. Get it stripped and replastered and don’t forgot to pay top notch for us wonderful plasterers.
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    Render with silver sand

    5:1:1 white sand:cement:hydrated lime. Should be good. Not white cement but. Should be a nice colour.
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    Render without lime

    How do u do a nap finish
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    Render without lime

    Any of you guys render without lime in the mix. We never use it in Ireland. Doing my own house now. So might do it right this time. But never had a problem without it
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    Stanley fatmax combi.

    Hi just seen this. Handy and cheap I have them. Class pair for the money.
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    Plastic stop beads on lead flashing

    Looks ok. Be tricky enough if the plaster hasn't cured. He could end up moving the bead and cracking it
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    pumped insulation v sheets

    Not sure if this has been done before. But I am building and need some quick advice. I am going for 150mm cavity. I was thinking of pumping the cavity with the beads and using the 50mm insulation & plasterboard on the inside of the house along the external walls. There is another option which...
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    Sand & Cement on EWI

    I know a man who done it inside granny flat 16 yrs ago. Living room small kitchen and bathroom. Insulation sheet pinned to the wall, eml then scratch, float and skim finish. Not one crack to this day. Not sure why he done it this way but he did and it worked.
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    Sand & Cement on EWI

    Couldn't be anymore expensive than the traditional EWI
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    Sand & Cement on EWI

    I just seen a house been done with kingspan insulation board on the outside of a house. It was pinned on with the mushroom pins, loads of them. Then some sort of building paper/vapour barrier. Then on top of that expanded metal lath. Scratch coated and rendered smooth. The guy said he done it...
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    What finish would you choose for your house

    Why would you fill one cavity half full. I would fill the cavity full and use insulation boards inside the house on the external walls. The inside room would lose 50mm cause of the depth of the wall but its not much. It's 50mm insulation boards with plasterboard stuck to them. I fix them to the...
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    What finish would you choose for your house

    I remember them days of protection money. Mad days. Insulated plasterboard. are you sure it loses heat quicker. I can say for sure I will be getting good quality sand. I done a house and the sand wasn't great. Plastering was excellent, then hairline cracks started to appear down the line...
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    still a kid at heart

    I just packed in playing the xbox. Up untill 4am then fuxked the next day. No more games. Its good at the time but that online gaming is addictive. Takes over your life.
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    Yea I asked the boss about a transit. Said she didn't want a white transit sitting in front of the house lol. Going for the berlingo. Just gonna treat it like gold. Proper service when its needed
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    What finish would you choose for your house

    I was thinking of a smooth render finish and doing it right. Unlike some house I seen, A bad render finish looks terrible. Maybe do something to minimize the cracks around window heads too. I will definitely be putting insulation & plasterboard (50mm) on all the external walls inside and...
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    What finish would you choose for your house

    Building my own home in Ireland. Starting end of January. It is going to be a 2 story detached. I was gonna rub it up smooth render, but thinking of maybe a different finish. Maybe the external insulation stuff. What would you do to your own home
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    what year and type is it. Are they hard on fuel
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    Dot And dab v sand and cement

    why dot & dab. waste. Just put on an insulation/plasterboard. Fix it with them plasterboard pins
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    Yea this one has. I don't see what the big deal is about vans coming out of England. All the sellers in N.Ireland site say the van is just out of England. Not sure why they say this
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    Had a look at that site. They don't mention mileage. I need a 3 seater, might just go for the berlingo. It has a full service history warranted mileage, 6 month warranty. Hope i'm not making a mistake
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    Happy New Year & Thanks Danny

    Happy New Year all, and thanks Danny for TPF. Its come a long way. I come on here for plastering ideas and tips. But also for advice on a van and always great help from everyone.
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    Damn, a shitroen - is that the name they have. Really wanted it. Maybe I need to look else where. Any other vans you guys would suggest. Maybe not to big. Small transit maybe
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    hard to part with the money for a new one. Its a risk buying second had but looks in good nick.
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    Used Citreon Berlingo

    Hi all Any of you guys know you vans. Was thinking of buying a 2013 Berlingo with 100000k on the clock costing £5500 We are getting a lot of these vans coming from England to be sold Ireland. Looks like they were electricians or something. Gonna be used for homers.
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    No qualifications

    Did you get sorted with a course bud
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    Mummy's boy who just cant hack it!

    Are you really helping him or feeding his addictions. Give him a chance. No time for leeches
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    So she said yes!

    Welcome to comin home wondering what mood she will be in.
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    Irish newbie

    Just round Donegal. Need more but
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    Irish newbie

    Termon. Are u kept busy
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    Irish newbie

    Where u from. I'm in Donegal
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    Should of set the dogs on him. Sounds like a t**t
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    Fairy Liquid in Sand and Cement Mix

    There is know way this is a woman. She talks like a plasterer
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    Fairy Liquid in Sand and Cement Mix

    So he put the sand & cement on the ceiling and skimmed it while you were at work. Must be fast setting sand&cement. This is a wind up.