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  1. plas1

    Bluegrit not sticking to painted wall

    Sbr works a treat aswell
  2. plas1

    Cleaning Microcement

    Hi There,a neutral floor cleaner as this wont strip sealer.Some manufacturers have there own cleaning solutions you can purchase but I would recommend above as it's all the same stuff.
  3. plas1

    Venetion plastering

    Yes primer first.There are many suppliers but it's same gear just rebranded tbh.Where are you based?
  4. plas1

    Venetion plastering

    Definitely do some training first.
  5. plas1

    Venetion plastering

    I apply Venetian and micro and very busy with it.
  6. plas1

    polished concrete flooring ?

    I've sent you a message with my contact details.Please feel free to call,I'm on site today or anytime when is good for you. Cheers, Rich
  7. plas1

    Estimate on Cost to Plaster a 3 Bed-Semi

    It was 2020 mate I would like to think he found someone lol.
  8. plas1

    polished concrete flooring ?

    I haven't heard anything bud
  9. plas1

    Concrete flooring in the entertainment room?

    Did this bar/ pool room in a bronze microcement colour floor.It wasn't over polished and gave a nice effect.Bar was wrapped in a leather but didn't get back for pics.
  10. plas1

    Concrete flooring in the entertainment room?

    Microcement would be the best option and various finishes can be achieved.Ive sent you a DM.
  11. plas1

    Looking for someone to micro-cement SW16 area

    Hi Rob,sorry for late reply.Yes I've been in contact with client and just waiting to hear back mate.
  12. plas1

    Views on different sized trowels

    I use a 14" Marshalltown for laying on and trowelling and a flex at the end.I was taught with a 13" Marshalltown when I started out but 14"all the way for me.
  13. plas1

    Polished Concrete Floor

    Just sent you a message.
  14. plas1

    New here, what's everyones favorite Venetian Plaster?

    Bericalce grasello all day long for me
  15. plas1

    Help with getting into Microciment

    Give it ago mate it's worth it.Personally I would go for forcrete,however there waiting list is long.Microcement is very popular now and theres a big market for it especially if you market well but be prepared to invest I would say.
  16. plas1

    Help with getting into Microciment

    Hi mate, I would train and start off on your own doing small works and see how you get on and then muck in with other applicators.where are you based?
  17. plas1

    Microcement Bathroom install

    Hi Adam yes I do.Please feel free to give me a call to discuss. Cheers Rich
  18. plas1

    Microcement Bathroom install

    Hi Tom please feel free to call me on 07719330726 to discuss.I have a showroom your welcome to visit in which I offer microcement and venetian plaster. Thanks Rich
  19. plas1

    Wet spots around bathtub screen fixtures

    Thanks for the mention mate
  20. plas1

    Wet spots around bathtub screen fixtures

    Hi There,please feel free to give me a call today to discuss as it will be easier than messaging to and from.07719330726 Kind Regards Rich
  21. plas1

    Microcement Bathroom install

    Cheers Rob.Yeah there wanted a Japanese kind of theme.Should look good with the veneered timber ceiling.
  22. plas1

    Microcement Bathroom install

    Recent job completed in microcement.This was rectifying someone else's work so had to sand back and start from scratch.Client wanted some burnish marks for more rustic concrete effect, video not the best so apologies.
  23. plas1

    Linear metres

    Do you charge extra for fullstops?Commas etc? Lol
  24. plas1

    Latest venetian ceiling

    Nice work Nice RobDid a small one similar in my showroom
  25. plas1

    Smooth finish on Lime Plaster

    Hi mate I'm not experienced in lime plaster so someone may put me straight.I was on a job not so long ago and they used a l*m*-g***n product (solo) and created a smooth finish.Maybe worth a look.
  26. plas1

    Hello everyone

    Good luck with it mate.Ive been doing it 10 years now and general plastering 25years.All about marketing.Got back from Italy myself a month ago testing new products and extra training etc.Your find your always learning
  27. plas1

    decorative veneer plaster formula/procedure

    It's common knowledge Still have to be able to apply it correctly.
  28. plas1

    decorative veneer plaster formula/procedure

    Just buy venetian from a supplier.I would personally do some training but if you familiar with products do some samples and try on a small area.If it's a high sheen your after it would be a grassello or a marmarino of you wanted more of a matt-sheen.There are so many materials and suppliers to...
  29. plas1

    External wall, lime, thermal plaster board, sand and cement…help

    Suns shining and it's 33°c.Beer will be flowing so very doubtful your get a sensible answer today. Have a lovely day.
  30. plas1

    .Dream team.

    Staples are fine into plasterboard,never had a problem.Stanley stapler and 10 or 12mm stanley staples and always been ok for me.
  31. plas1

    Plasterer issues, advice?

    Not up for discussion,that's shocking.Send him on his way and hold on to your money as the next "plasterer"who knows what he's doing will want paying well to rectify. Good luck with the rest of your project.
  32. plas1


    Your welcome mate.
  33. plas1


    Speak to Lee at Ardour venetian.Hes one the best Applicators in the game.All the latest finishes etc
  34. plas1

    ProRoc multifinish cracks on concrete

    I've no experience in it martin.I just googled product briefly and noticed they do a basecoat so would assume it would be needed on the concrete prior to finish coat.Just as a float and set process.sorry I have never heard of system tbh.
  35. plas1

    ProRoc multifinish cracks on concrete

    Did you use pro roc base first prior to pro roc finish?I've never heard of it.
  36. plas1

    Acid stain concrete

    That's a shame mate.
  37. plas1

    Acid stain concrete

    Alright Rob, Did you do acid foor in the end mate?
  38. plas1


    If youve got moisture in the wall theres always that chance of it coming through and getting trapped and staining die to it having no where to go.I had to re-apply a bathroom after another so called applicator just went over damp substrate.Microcement when installed correctly and sealed will be...
  39. plas1


    Wouldn't worry,it all's goes green anyway.
  40. plas1

    Looking for a plasterer in the Worcester area

    Your welcome.I'm happy to take a look.
  41. plas1

    Looking for a plasterer in the Worcester area

    Hi There.Im bases in Worcester well actually crowle.I could take a look for you and also have a showroom in crowle for decorative finishes or microcement, Venetian polished plaster etc. should you be interested.Please feel free to contact me on 07719330726.I'm around today with appointments so...
  42. plas1

    Oatmeal krend for sale

    Got to be done mate.I had it once with microcement when I first started out and client changed their mind but luckily enough I managed to use it up but never again with any materials.
  43. plas1

    Oatmeal krend for sale

    Customers never change there mind if you take a non refundable deposit upfront once colour has been chosen.
  44. plas1

    Corner bead micro cement

    Who did you train with?
  45. plas1

    Todays fun

    Yeah totally agree John.
  46. plas1

    Starting out

    No microcement.