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    Speedskim set/ Collomix 110v

    All sold now thank you.
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    Speedskim set/ Collomix 110v

    I’ve got st 1200mm a st 600m used maybe 6 times. Also a sf 600mm used once . Comes with attachment and I’ll throw in a pole. £100 PayPal free delivery. Also a used but works perfectly well mixer. Collection only or I could deliver local ish. £50.
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    Approx wages

    I only plaster now in my spare time. I have a job now that pays every week.My home life and stress levels are much better . Keep the regular money coming in until your plastering overtakes the regular wage. Trust me you cannot beat regular cash landing in your account,50 weeks per year..
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    tape and join is it really cheaper??????

    if you have a decent run say 2 or 3 houses ready to go it is in my experience a lot quicker .But it's rare nowdays to get that . also you need all the tools i.e bazooka , box's , sander with vacuum .
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    mono job in Dunstable Bedfordshire

    sorry i will take some photo's and put them up asap ..
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    mono job in Dunstable Bedfordshire

    Hi I,ve got a 3 bed semi detached house in Dunstable to do. All the donkey work has been done ie. hacked off all blown render all old paint removed . it,s about 70m2 . I would like it doing next week if poss. The reason i'm not doing it myself is i'm also doing nights on the underground and to...
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    lending stilts

    i use stilts on my own most days much quicker and saves your legs from the continuous up and down from the hop up . Would rather strap them on than plank entire room out once you get the hang off them they're priceless... well £ 65 from flea bay ..
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    what is the goin rate for a plasterers labourer ?

    i was taught the hard way podger , cement mixer and hod , bath and rake , i wouldn't make my worst enemy go back to those days . Just because i had to do it doesn't make me any better or worse than the lab. It's hard enough finding a decent lab without p1ssing him off in the first week .
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    mobile phones

    i hate my mobile phone worst invention ever , why does everyone need to know what and where you are every min of the day.. don't get me started on Facebook or twitter who gives a sh*t what some knobhead who you hated at school got up to on his holiday , get some real friends you t**t . Anyone...
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    mobile phones

    lay him off for a week , then bring him back if he does it again sack him and don't pay him his week in hand .ALWAYS KEEP THEM A WEEK IN HAND.. :RpS_sneaky:
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    Mixing Drills

    Had a Collomix for 8 yrs now only been in the repair shop once for a new lead apart from that it's amazing , can mix 3-4 bags of hardwall or adhesive easy . Apart from that Refina will the most popular answer think most spreads use them..
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    First Bigger Ceiling on my own

    i love my stilts much quicker with them just my personal opinion..:-) just make sure all your bags and water are close by and like everyone says don't panic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    did a insurance job on a cottage in Berkshire was there for about 2 weeks , every night as i was leaving the bloke who owned the house would thrust a £20 note into my hand and tell me to have a drink on him ..I sh8t you not i dragged that one out for as long as poss. :RpS_thumbup:
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    i know i cannot complain at the mo ..:RpS_thumbup:
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    I've got a 4 mile round trip been there all week and will be there all next . Then the week after that i'm even closer for about 3 weeks.. The 4 mile trip includes a little detour for my mcdonalds coffee in the morning aswell...:RpS_biggrin:
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    only really work local . plus £ 30 gives me 3/4 of a tank ..
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    i'm using a kangoo at the mo. had a vivaro but the fvkking gear box kept going was only 3 yrs old worst van i ever had . Gonna have to put up with the kangoo for about a year until i've saved enough cash for a transit or sprinter ..Although its not that bad iv'e put a false floor in for my...
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    ghetto blaster or dab

    ive got the Makita dab . its my fav. tool by far bbc 6 music and the cricket plus i pod makes the day go a little quicker :RpS_thumbup:
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    so how we all doing for work so far

    got about 6 weeks in front of me . Possibly more if i get my old jointing machines out ...
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    Tape and joint

    Sorry should say i was taping and jointing for about 10 yrs give or take ....
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    Tape and joint

    Please don't use ready mix joint cement it's a c**t to rub down.. :RpS_cursing: Fibre tape all straight and horizontal joints . Fill with gyproc fast set filler red bag, don't go to wide just fill the bevel , Stick all internals with paper tape and gyproc joint cement orange bag , Second...
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    happy st pats day

    me and my mates have always celebrated st georges day . Every year since i was 18-19 none of us are a member off the EDL NF Combat 18 or any other of the fvking idiots . We also followed the England football team around europe for the best part of 9 -10 years and none of us are hooligans , just...
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    Skimming/Plastering curves

    i usually just brush and trowel but if i'm in a rush Gyproc rubber tool ...
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    help me did i price right

    not for a while spunky . Last time was about 3yrs ago . Used to house bash with my brother but he had enough . 30 yrs he'd been at it . Tried it on my own own for a while but when prices hit 2 pound m2 thought fvck this and started advertising local and just took it from there.. So the short...
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    help me did i price right

    Trust me mate took all my willpower not to . I've just calmed down now . Hope he gets it done for that money now because it will be a Fvcking abortion and will serve the c**t right......... and he was smaller than me that doesn't normally happen :RpS_laugh:
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    help me did i price right

    i just priced one tonight and almost lost my rag with the customer . job was old victorian house , hall stairs & landing plus main bedroom. Customer wanted the picture rail removed on hsl , the landing ceiling needed 4m2 taking down and replaced also artex on existing ceilings was hanging off...
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    Site agents

    when i was taping and jointing houses about 10 yrs ago a site agent phoned me up on my way home and told me to get my rough arse back to site and sort out a house he wanted the painters to start the next day. When i got there he marched me into the house with his boss and another suit he was...
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    Rated people

    use rated quite often had some great earners from it plus lots of repeat work and recommendations. You pay a small amount every 3 months to get your leads then if you like the sound of the lead you pay extra for it between 12 and 22 quid. You don't pay for all the leads just cherry pick. Also...
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    cost of travis perkins materials

    two weeks ago in JEWSONS in flitwick £10.88 for 1 bag of bonding the robbing fooking barstweward........
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    artex on normal coving but board adhesive on the swan neck stuff.. wondermitre is the only tool you need ...
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    b=q dont want me

    too right danny i've had an ad in the local rags for 4yrs now and get a steady flow of calls. My mate tries it for 1 week and gets nothing and asks why am i bothering with it .
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    is it ever going to pick up

    i think it will pick up in 18 months to 2yrs . Kebab is right though you have to sell yourself . but saying that if i was still in my 20's i would re-train in something miles away from the building game.......
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    got offered a job today

    was one of the reasons my brother jacked it in was we were doing house bashing and the price went from £3 down to £2 . We were killing ourselves to make anything decent. He now works in a recycling depot getting regular money and not killing himself . whenever i ring him to give me hand he...
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    got offered a job today

    I got offered a job 2 weeks ago won't say who also { you never no like you say } £ 90 a shift . He wanted me on site at 7.30 mixed up and skimming by 8 and finish at 5. Asked him how much he expected doing in a day he said and i quote... 70-80m2. Take petrol about a tenner a day then tax will...
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    3000 m2 hardwall Whitham Essex

    hi mate when does the wellinbourgh and watord ones start...
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    machine labourer

    i spoke to him today thanks for that danny...
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    need help with coving

    the best tool to use is a WONDER MITRE they are all you need ,cheap plastic ones are about £3 ok if you only do it now and again, but the best one is the metal one about £8 i think . just google wondermitre. I,m not that hot on coving but this tool is the nuts. I use my mate to do most of...
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    machine labourer

    thanks mate got the number will call him tomorrow.....
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    machine labourer

    ok i will thanks ,how many will i need ?
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    machine labourer

    ok cheers i think i can now recieve messages but cannot send.. I'm based in Luton own van and tools and cscs . started out as a plasterers lab , went on to dry lining taping mostly ., Then for the last 6-7yrs or so been just plastering was taught by the best spread i've ever seen { brother } ...
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    machine labourer

    hi merlin tried to pm you but cannot seem to do it for some reason. ????
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    machine labourer

    hi , mate is this offer still available???
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    patcher wanted

    on normal height work 2 pound isn't bad but if you need a scissor lift you would like a bit more. Although if you have the boxes wouldn't take long.
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    Hi, my rivets have just started to go on my trowel it has served me well for over 8 years but for the life of me i cannot find another one the same width.mine when it was new was less than 4 inch's wide and was a marshaltown. I have looked everywhere ebay gibbs and dandy jewson screwfix even cpd...
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    problems with walls

    sorry mate didn't mean to a bite your face off...apologies.... my brother told me about it years ago he's been a spread for over 30 years i think he picked it up from when he was refurbishing all the old council houses in the villages around Luton.Will ask him when i see him next,but it is good...
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    problems with walls

    all i know is that everytime i have used ALKALINE RESISTANT it works every time without fail.........some of the other solutions i have tried and not always with success..but A/R works every time...
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    problems with walls

    I've come across this sh*t hundreds of times , the only stuff that does the trick everytime is ALKALINE RESISTANT PAINT. you can get it from any good paint shop Brewers,Dulux,or Johnstone's.Just scrape any loose then with a cheap roller ,roll it on like normal paint,smells a bit so open the...
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    tape and joint

    ebay is always good ..i always used a 8 inch box when i did it. As long as your tape is well stuck and you are fairly quick i never had any problems..