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    Awkward t**t

    What do you lot recommend for beading these? It’s simple enough with stair wells I just use thin coat beads and build it out a bit to humour the angle but on these big dormas the bead not fitting over because of it not being 90 degrees is a problem where it meets the vertical edges . Stop beads...
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    Unbranded batteries

    Shite, I bought Bosch ones they either fell to bits or blew something inside when getting a good workout. The genuine ones get hammered and just keep going
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    Here we go ….

    Shite beads?
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    Here we go ….

    Why is this happening? It never been a problem before
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    Skimming over SBR

    Too dear ! Lol
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    Skimming over SBR

    Blue grit first then skim
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    Would 1 coat be ok?

    If it's dry put a sander over it , couple of coats of contract emulsion it will be fine
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    Damp issue

    I've just done my place, belt and braces , hack off 1m, drill and inject, tanking slurry 2 coats, SBR and cement prime and cement render 2 coats with waterproofing salt inhibiting additive skim with multi or dab boards and skim
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    Screwfix gloves for skimming etc!

    O keef's last thing every night so you don't wash it off , great stuff
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    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen?

    I've fitted loads of Howdens stuff , it's ok but not great, I prefer a place called the kitchen works based in Gateshead tvte. All manufactured in their own place .As well as the usual motular stuff they also make non standard sized , shaped cabs and custom doors to fit . Also the cabs are all...
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    Has anyone gone all battery tools?

    Bosch Battery everything except mixing drill
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    Is this a job well done?

    rough as a Badgers arse , nearly as bad as me
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    Roller v brush

    Roller every time , far less mess, brush for corners. As for boarding I've read alot on here saying why f**k about , just over board , most of the time it's not as simple as just over boarding, not on the old shite I work on anyway
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    Render mesh

    I've used it in a few old pit houses where the the lime plaster has crazed , obviously knock off and repair any bits which are a total right off with bonding first but lay on a thick coat and trowel in and a quick flatten as you go. Finish as normal , happy days. I'm pretty sure the house could...
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    Blue grit or bond it

    I agree , that's why I laughed and said I only wanted a price per 10l tub not a 45 gallon drum. The man on the phone got the hump and said thistle is dear stuff , I replied to dear for me
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    Blue grit or bond it

    That their best trade price
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    Blue grit or bond it

    Got 2 tubs of blue from doves, 17+ each jewson quoted me 68 + each for thistle bond it
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    Is this enough drywall screws in boards

    Who mentioned pulling stuff down, not me
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    Is this enough drywall screws in boards

    Aye coz all autofeed guns come with a countersink head
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    Blue grit or bond it

    Anyone know what the difference is between these two other than the price ? Oh and don't just say ones better than the other without anything to back it up
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    Is this enough drywall screws in boards

    Looks like there all overtightened and have burst the paper , shite job . I put them in 6-8 inches apart always have always will, been to too many jobs where the boards are on 10 clouts and about to drop off
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    Every time I try and leave them on taped or not they swell up and crack . Pull them off I say
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    Small nick in stainless trowel

    Pound shop Diamond sharpening thing, 2 mins with a bit water . Done . Great for taking the sharp edges off tile cuts as well so they grout in nice
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    Wish I could run from it haha
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    The problem is, I have the upstairs to do next, semi vaulted ceilings , so.. have I done something wrong ? or is it just a freak reaction with the substrate and is it going to happen again. The one in the photo has no bond whatsoever if I touch it more falls , is a f**k**g nightmare
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    No mate, it was the bonding coat that's failed, initially I thought it was the humidity in tha place caused the PVA to fail but fk knows. Never had bonding fall before normally sticks like shite to a blanket
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    The bonding let go and brought the top coat with it
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    Aye 2 coats of PVA, levels with bonding and skimmed with multi
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    Oh yes , never had this happen in 30 yrs hahah
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    Sometimes it goes all wrong , it waited 2 days tho haha
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    Good Evening All, Just Joined

    Wait till it's dry and put a Sander over it, just don't sand thru your plaster
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    Just joined hello folks

    Been in the game 30+ years and still learning
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    Skim over Artex query

    Scrape it , if it's sound , PVA and skim ,, if its a leak from above chances are the board will turn to s**t when it's scraped , cut out the patch , replace ,tape joins PVA and skim. No need to re board the whole thing for a patch